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Jack Cafferty Should Get Fired And Apologize To All Chinese People.
on 25 Apr 2008 13:52:36
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Are you following this rule yourself?
on 13 May 2008 15:32:06
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Yes, the society is getting strange. Celebrities earn more than any one who is actually doing something for us such as teacher,...  read more...
on 07 May 2008 12:32:08
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Like Bulldog said, 'What happens today, will affect what will happen tomorrow', and all these 'today' will become history, so I think history is very important. From environmental point of view, if...  read more...
on 10 Jan 2008 10:59:43
1. Jack Cafferty Should Get Fired And Apologize To All Chinese People.
  25 Apr 2008 13:52:36  
2. Istanbul Is A Dangerous Place To Visit
  14 Mar 2008 14:33:25  
3. It's Hypocritical To Criticize Korean Eating Dogs.
  11 Mar 2008 14:29:37  
4. We Should Boycutt North American Airlines
  07 Mar 2008 11:23:52  
5. Pirate Downloading Is Illegal And Consumers Should Be Punished For Doing It.
  04 Mar 2008 16:28:36  
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1. Yes, the society is getting strange. Celebrities earn more than any one who is actually doing something for us such as teacher, police, cleaner, ...and why celebrities deserve such high paid salary? What kind influence they give society? Drunk, drug and stupid behavior? read more...
  07 May 2008 12:32:08  
2. Yes, definitely, its just rediculous to keep them. read more...
  07 May 2008 12:28:08  
3. Intresting thought! But I don't like it happen to me. Human has a limited life time, but a computer does not... read more...
  07 May 2008 12:20:57  
4. Government says to helping prevent climate change, but what they should in reality is to low the price of public transportation, so less people driving cars! read more...
  29 Apr 2008 16:06:44  
5. Yeah, the world be boring without gossip.
  25 Apr 2008 14:36:07  
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1. Are you following this rule yourself?
  13 May 2008 15:32:06  
2. But what have they actually done? I think don't think its necessary to have them. It's a very old fahion, and why can they clain they are royals from the...  read more...
  07 May 2008 12:27:24  
3. Good point, I agree with you. The convenience of email make people write more, not mention the text message of mobile phones. read more...
  07 May 2008 12:24:01  
4. I agree with mackenzie!
  07 May 2008 12:21:48  
5. yes, I agree, but not many people have the guts to quit their jobs read more...
  29 Apr 2008 15:56:51  
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Hey! Does that help?
by Lynn on 10 Apr 2008 19:58:16
Thanks very much :)
by Moegreche on 14 Mar 2008 15:09:48
boycott not boycutt
by baconbust on 07 Mar 2008 20:32:21
hey, thanks for reading my debate...I truly meant every word i said...stop by sometimes..
by Power_gurl on 24 Feb 2008 03:47:18
I have just been getting irritated with some of the people on here. It seems more people put personal feelings into comments on posts, when it really should be about the original debate.
by baconbust on 14 Feb 2008 19:31:58
Happy valentine's day to every one who comes to my page;)
by uberlovely on 13 Feb 2008 16:23:06
hahaha... thanks! could you specify which ones you mean?
by The_Alex on 01 Feb 2008 22:07:03
Thanks for the comment! Debating is a passion of mine- I'm currently considering a future career in politics, although journalism is another calling of mine.
by TyWhyHiTy on 30 Jan 2008 14:58:15
Hey in your "all murders should have the death penalty." What type of murders are we talking intentional, self defense, or like "text book" murder, were it was intentional, and "evil?"
by baconbust on 29 Jan 2008 18:39:24
no prob =)!
by pebbels on 25 Jan 2008 22:10:22
hey i was checkin some of ur answers u've got good perspectives on some things
by pebbels on 24 Jan 2008 22:57:51
Sorry I had to disagree with that last debate, hope you aren't angry with me.
by baconbust on 22 Jan 2008 18:56:19
Thanks :)
by baconbust on 22 Jan 2008 18:37:49
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