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Hate Is Still Prevalent--- It MUST Be Dissolved
on 09 Feb 2008 02:32:20
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Oh take a valium! I didn't write anything that was hurtful to anyone. If you want to promote and accept sex circles have it! And please, tell me where a name call was mentioned??? read more...
on 07 Feb 2008 18:59:41
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I think that if you are willing to put your life out there for the world to see, for everyone to see... That's your fault....  read more...
on 09 Feb 2008 02:38:43
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I wish this could really work, but we have too many liberals in America as well as that dang'd ACLU. Would never happen. But I do think more focus should be put on what types of assistance these people...  read more...
on 29 Jan 2008 17:07:44
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1. Hate Is Still Prevalent--- It MUST Be Dissolved
  09 Feb 2008 02:32:20  
2. TV Shows Seriously Mislead The Public
  02 Feb 2008 15:17:14  
3. There Are Too Many Hypocritical So Called Holy Rollers
  02 Feb 2008 01:18:50  
4. School Buses Should Have Seatbelts
  01 Feb 2008 19:01:16  
5. The US Medical System Is A Joke!
  31 Jan 2008 19:42:03  
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1. I think that if you are willing to put your life out there for the world to see, for everyone to see... That's your fault. If you don't want someone to see info about you, don't put it on the Internet. If you want an account, make it private so those who you don't want, can't see it. read more...
  09 Feb 2008 02:38:43  
2. As the years keep going by, more and more people are evolving into different lifestyles. For the past 20 years, more and more people are coming out as homosexual, polygamists, marrying out of their race, marrying out of their financial upbringings, et al. With so many new differences, it is sure to breed a new kind of hate and anger to the conservative folks who think that we should all live like they did in thee 40s and 50s: --- Grow up, get married, dad works, mom takes care of the 5 kids, family dinners every night, church service 3 times a week, no rated R movies, family secrets, ect--- The world isn't like that anymore... Sometimes people don't' know how to deal with change or are unable to accept change or are simply afraid of change. When they are scared or forced to see something they don't recognize as 'normal', the emotion that is displayed is anger/hate/intolerance. It's time for everyone in to Open their eyes and see the world is different now- it's time for everyone to Accept that change is occurring and will continue to occur no matter what they want- it's time for everyone to Respect the differences that are around us and live our own lives and let others live theirs. read more...
  07 Feb 2008 19:18:18  
3. I am against any person with any specific disease/lifestyle having to pay extra for insurance. I don't think it's fair to ridicule one specific group- smokers- because other diseases are brought on by choice and lifestyle. If we start singleing out smokers... We need to single out the alcohoics, obese, drug abusers, people who partake in extreme sports/activities, and people with hazardous jobs, et al. All the mentioned above persons are willingly putting their body as risk for disease and injury. Should we raise insurance for skiiers who break their legs, rock climbers who fall from the cliff, paramedics who are exposed to viral infections, alcoholics who develop cirrhosis, the obese who have heart disease or knee replacements, or the drug abuser who ODs twice a month? Singleing out any type of person's behavior/lifestyle would be prejudice. I don't think we'd be able to do so without raising it for everyone. However, many people, those above... And with dx'ed medical hx, already pay a higher premium. read more...
  02 Feb 2008 12:34:53  
4. I definitely 'think' that a democrat will win this election... Due to the last 6 out of 9 presidents being a republican and then Bush having an overall success rating of 34%. But, that's just my opinion. I've read that McWain (or however to spell his name) has a hard enough time showing up for his required meetings... Show a low expectation rate. As far as Hilary or Obama... It would be a tough decision... To decide. I couldn't imagine a woman as president (and yes, i am female) because i would only assume her emotions would get in the way... And it's safe to say that women are more emotional than men. She's already showed episodes of crying. As far as Obama... Im not a racist by anymeans, but i also can't see this country accepting black man as president. Yes, it would be great to be more diverse... But honestly, i'd be afraid the man would be assassinated by our local rednecks. I honestly don't know enough about politics to talk about them, hence i dont' answer the debates on most of them. I've decided that i in fact do want to know more about them, so i've started researching... Hense how i found this website. I definitely would lean more towards a democrat than a republican.. And after reading a little more about hilary than obama so far... I guess i'd have to vote for her. But that is not an informed vote, because i need to do more research. read more...
  02 Feb 2008 02:50:49  
5. It is insulting and astounding by the mass number of people who claim to be a 'follower of God', 'Chrisitian', 'church-goer', 'Bible-reader', et al; yet continually judge another human, as if they were God, himself. NO ONE on this earth has any right to involve themself in another person's lifestyle or life, unless it is DIRECTLY harming you. Not offending you, but HARMING you! Quit trying to play God and look deep into your own life and change your own sins. It is insulting to those who actually LOVE like God wanted, instead of hate. God didn't put us on this earth to judge for Him. He put us here with all types of differences so we could learn to get along with someone unlike us. Do you really think He's laughing at us fighting over issues? Do you really think you make God proud when you say you hate a person because of their lifestyle or a choice they made? Would Jesus treat people the way you are? No one knows what God really wants us to do because we're all still here and don't talk to the dead! A book (Bible) is something to read, but it can be interpreted many ways, and no one faith agrees with a different faith, so who says YOU and your opinions are right? No one can---- because you DONT know! You can only believe--- but your belief doesn't mean you can treat other people like crap and judge their sins (ex. Abortion, homosexuality, sex before marriage, prostitution, etc) when your sinning just yourself. There isn't sins that are hell bound for sure or unforgivable. God forgives everyone, and since He does, you should too.... Your earthy you. Do you really think He's going to allow you into heaven for treating people like crap? You can go to church and pray all you want, but it comes down to how you treat another person. We have a loving God and he expects us to do the same. How hard is it to just say... 'ok, i may not understand it, but you aren't directly harming me by doing what your doing, so i'll just accept our difference but i still respect you as a person.' ??? Too hard for many people... read more...
  02 Feb 2008 01:26:37  
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1. Oh take a valium! I didn't write anything that was hurtful to anyone. If you want to promote and accept sex circles have it! And please, tell me where...  read more...
  07 Feb 2008 18:59:41  
2. you missed the point buddy
  02 Feb 2008 17:36:12  
3. very well written alex.
  02 Feb 2008 03:02:42  
4. I consider the people in real life and of course on this website, with many others, who degrade a human being for a choice they make, which is none of...  read more...
  02 Feb 2008 01:39:56  
5. Bringing up God does not make a holy roller... a person who constantly blames peoples sins on being against God's ways (or the way think Gods ways are)...  read more...
  02 Feb 2008 01:37:50  
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loved your comment to the professor on should gays have rights. my jaw actually dropped when i read his argument.
by rmc031 on 31 Jan 2008 20:50:28
I say they shouldn't be allowed to work in public stores because they are not mature enough. In saying so, I mean for their safety. They are not mature enough to handle safety issues brought upon them by adults. No, they shouldn't be allowed to work in public.
by seoems369 on 31 Jan 2008 19:22:50
Responding to your comment in 14 year olds should be able to work in a clothing store, you're discriminating all 14 year olds most likely due to a previous encounter with one. Several 14 year olds would be too immature to hold a job, but many others would be perfectly capable of working in a public place with a mature attitude. You can't judge all younger teenagers the same when in reality, all of them are different.
by TyWhyHiTy on 31 Jan 2008 18:57:44
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