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i hate school
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playing softball
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Games Can Teach U A Lesson
on 08 Jan 2010 18:16:02
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Chuck is cool
on 12 Jan 2010 18:23:49
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No bexausetdh the beatles were awsome
on 28 Dec 2009 23:47:03
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1. Games Can Teach U A Lesson
  08 Jan 2010 18:16:02  
2. I Think That The Wii Is Better Than The Dsi
  08 Jan 2010 18:06:08  
3. I Think Horsrs R Better Than Cows
  07 Jan 2010 18:44:29  
4. Busses Suck Cars Bikes Rock
  07 Jan 2010 18:41:44  
5. Pig R Cleaner Than Humans
  07 Jan 2010 18:40:24  
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1. Chuck is cool
  12 Jan 2010 18:23:49  
2. No because dogs need fiber and some of the fiber is not in dog food read more...
  12 Jan 2010 18:21:29  
3. No becuz people can be rasist or other things in tht nature read more...
  12 Jan 2010 18:20:44  
4. No because they adults need to look stuff up and all tht read more...
  11 Jan 2010 18:58:13  
5. No because people can learn stuff on tv read more...
  11 Jan 2010 18:56:17  
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