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You know about me...I'm Batman.
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Defending Gotham City oh and debating on my two favorite debate websites - and Each have their unique qualities - plus I can do more than one thing at a time.

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What I Recently Learned Is That White Women Are More Offended By Being Called A Cuntt Than Other Ethnic Women.
on 01 Sep 2011 00:28:00
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LOL....its the same people
on 01 Sep 2011 18:06:06
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Colonies primary goal is the suck resources from the land they colonize and supply the resources to the home country. read more...
on 10 Jan 2012 15:50:50
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UK cannot compare to the United States. Why would I worship a queen. Makes no sense. read more...
on 16 May 2008 14:48:52
1. Colonies primary goal is the suck resources from the land they colonize and supply the resources to the home country. read more...
  10 Jan 2012 15:50:50  
2. Sometimes i wonder if they are real users. read more...
  18 Nov 2011 12:48:00  
3. Not at all. I prefer them actually. One less peer pressure. Nothing worse than being picked on by students for wearing out dated clothes or clothes not part of the in-crowd, or shoes that are 6 months old. Thats how mean students can get. Uniforms keeps it simple and gives students other things to worry about or pick on. Like how bad someone puts on makeup or a type of hair cut. read more...
  02 Sep 2011 18:02:06  
4. I have an account n UFeud and posted on a couple of debates. Charlee is active there. read more...
  01 Sep 2011 16:59:38  
5. I think its pretty rude. I would walk away or start playing with my Iphone. read more...
  01 Sep 2011 00:32:15  
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1. LOL....its the same people
  01 Sep 2011 18:06:06  
2. Well a full day for someone is about 2000 calories if they don't exercise. The problem is most Americans eat twice that many calories a day. read more...
  01 Sep 2011 17:12:15  
3. I just don't call it excercising. People just need to be more mobile. Stop trying to park so close to the supermarket and park further away and walk to...  read more...
  01 Sep 2011 09:19:48  
4. ok...culture. I'm sure a woman from Germany has no idea what the word is. Most often they are tested on either friends, ex girlfriends, wives or current...  read more...
  01 Sep 2011 08:58:59  
5. I'm innocent I tell you. If FAA stays up, I will support it.  read more...
  01 Sep 2011 00:29:51  
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I posted this in the racist debate wanted to make sure you saw it: Moreno I have hailed a taxi lately and most drivers are afraid not to pick up a miniority for fear of being labeled racist. I think redro meant that most blacks feel they are owed better treatment to the point of being treated better that whites and that is racist.
by boy2girl31 on 27 Apr 2015 19:36:31
Hey Papi, I hope it was a happy one for you.
by artemis on 24 Aug 2011 20:41:22
By the way, Moreno, did you ever get the point that I was agreeing with you on the religious view of an afterlife being a method of enslaving people in actual life?
by Lynn on 21 Jul 2011 01:45:45
Hey - thanks for the welcome back. I saw the debate you made about me, lol.
by Ballsalsa on 05 Jul 2011 20:38:19
Hey, I see you're still active here. We're looking to do intersite debates again over at DDO, do you think this site would be a good choice to for participation?
by innomen on 14 Jun 2011 13:36:33
Not sure on what you mean for the names debate.
by hasdass on 10 May 2011 09:16:45
i like your vid
by damselfly on 27 Feb 2011 17:22:23
I love your addition to the story. I liked how you picked on yourself. You are the best.
by artemis on 24 Feb 2011 03:46:26
can u help me
by josh1998 on 25 Jan 2011 07:33:36
You seem to be an experienced debater. Would you mind checking out a new site to see what you think:
by october on 09 Jan 2011 12:24:33
Perhaps somebody who thought it was funny? However, I was being completely serious... All superheroes do have villains... don't you read comics?
by Conticelli on 31 Dec 2010 03:49:37
Who the hell else would say, " all superheroes have a villain.... So, I am only going to offer this once..... I am volunteering to participate in this position if you agree to it.... So, what do you say? " and think it was funny?
by artemis on 28 Dec 2010 04:56:12
by artemis on 27 Dec 2010 19:04:09
Moreno.... all superheroes have a villain.... So, I am only going to offer this once..... I am volunteering to participate in this position if you agree to it.... So, what do you say?
by Conticelli on 26 Dec 2010 03:01:12
ArmyofSatan will more than likely be drop kicked in the face by God Himself.... I wish I die the same moment you do... I can't wait to see this!!!
by Conticelli on 26 Dec 2010 02:57:41
by ArmyOfGOD on 20 Dec 2010 05:03:10
Good night, Moreno.
by artemis on 07 Dec 2010 19:32:14
Get back to Gotham City quick smart!
by proby96 on 04 Dec 2010 23:17:49
I have no idea at this point, which is why I am trying to add details. I think I was referring to the one about 2 men dining together.
by Lynn on 17 Nov 2010 11:19:14
For a facetious debate, you have certainly managed to rile up a lot of folks. Makes me think you may be on to something.
by Lynn on 16 Nov 2010 09:12:07
You can shout at him/her, if you log in/register.
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