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Generally Speaking Atheists Are As Dogmatic And Intolerant As The Religious People They Disagree With.
on 23 Feb 2008 17:46:17
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Response in the "For" column.
on 23 Feb 2008 22:39:04
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It's funny.I agree with you "I'm For it!" guys on some points but honestly, I think it's up to the individual. No one should...  read more...
on 07 Mar 2008 05:39:47
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I'm obviously for this possibility. So to the naysayers rather than insulting anyone open to the existence of extra-terrestrial intelligence please keep an open mind, many astronomers, physicists, biologists...  read more...
on 03 Jan 2008 21:33:46
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1. It's funny.I agree with you "I'm For it!" guys on some points but honestly, I think it's up to the individual. No one should force it any other way. It's very subjective to say that people tend to view themselves in a negative manner. Plus it's natural to reflect.Life is interesting to ponder and as you guys point out it's also worth living. Productivity is important but people are equally if not more important too. I mean what's the point of living just to work. What kind of conscious creature are you then? Why hinder the people from development when the rewards appear to be far greater than a little confusion every now and then? The world is difficult but we are all going through the challenge together and if we give each other dreams, hope, assistance, knowledge and wisdom then we may change that one day. If our technological society offers us more time then ideally we should take advantage of it and spend it with family and friends or making the world a better place. I mean are you really serious? Do you think it's such a bad thing for people to think about "about ethics" and "concern themselves with whether actions that they performed were morally right, they are concerned with how global issues relate to them". Life can be simple and complex, if it's complex because they are spending time on their creative hopes and dreams, then how fortunate for them. They are busy creating heaven for themselves and hopefully in the process producing or providing heaven for others. Yes, I don't agree and it shows not just who I am but also who we are. For the people who want to take away the opinions and free time of others may God, karma and existence give to you much more of what you ask and leave everyone else out of the equation, I'm confident it will be more of a blessing to you. read more...
  07 Mar 2008 05:39:47  
2. I don't stand with the religious right or their "strawman version" of atheism. I actually do have some appreciation of what some atheists have to say but generally I've been witnessing a number of them make attacks and mocking people en masse who just may not know any better or have the time or access to eduction to contemplate such things. If Atheists have a point there is no need to come across in a condescending manner. Again, I don't feel all Atheists are this way but the jerks seem to just be coming out of the wood works from what I've seen and ruining their cause. I can agree with a some of what Hidell is saying but on the flip side of things I would argue that people like George Bush parade their beliefs more so as way to manipulate power than for any other reason. Also, to say something like, "In general, we have looked on bemused as you addressed invisible beings, and practiced your goofy ceremonies" sounds a little insensitive--to call it "goofy" sounds rather rude. read more...
  23 Feb 2008 22:38:22  
3. Based on the two votes I think I should explain my post. For Sinpex, since this is "black" and "white" "for" and "against", I worded it "probably" because "possibly" would leave people in my opinion, in the middle or confused as to vote for or against. As for UFOs being extra terrestrial I didn't mention it because I wasn't in this specific case implying that. I was saying exactly what I described a government or private sector craft. By the looks of it you guys might have voted for in this case. My apologies if I wasn't more detailed in my description. read more...
  23 Feb 2008 22:12:15  
4. I'm sort of for it. I think peoples personal beliefs should be respected because it is true that we all don't really know everything. >>> However, it is important to be skeptical because this our best method as humans to identify truths because we can't say this exists without at least some sort of compelling or convincing evidence, otherwise anything in our imagination exists (which may on some level be possible) which in this natural world that we currently partake in. Moreover we would all be falling for every con in the book with an overly open approach. For the religious folk even the Prophets of the Bible had to provide evidence for their God (at least in the old Testament) as far as I remember it. Again, I think people should keep an open mind so long as it doesn't interfere or invade in anyone Else's life physically, materially and perhaps to certain degree mentally. read more...
  11 Jan 2008 01:12:48  
5. I think marriage is what people make it to be and it is as necessary as each individual couple decides. For some it is a religious or spiritual bond, for others it may just for security, access to rights and the list goes on--whatever the reason--that is why they deem it necessary. It may or may not last for a life time and it probably causes a lot of grief and depending on how simple the wedding, it may cost people large sums of the money. However, this (pain and grief) is a very natural occurrence in many social bindings such as friendship or joining a group--all of which are never outdated or outmoded. If we are speaking about all the legal technicalities then perhaps I might agree but then again those laws were created to help those who may have been treated unfairly. read more...
  03 Jan 2008 22:13:47  
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1. Response in the "For" column.
  23 Feb 2008 22:39:04  
2. Cephus, I wasn't asserting anything specific which is why I said "think" in my description. Since this is a for and against only debate I had to word it...  read more...
  23 Feb 2008 22:20:28  
3. read my response in the "For" column.
  23 Feb 2008 22:13:13  
4. read my response in the "For" column.
  23 Feb 2008 22:13:04  
5. You say stupid but not everyone has the cash to save for big purchases which they may deem necessary such as a house or a car. They may have calculated...  read more...
  03 Jan 2008 21:56:57  
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