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Look past the bs. Thats what I always say.
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Doing your mom.
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I Have Had Experience With OBE's And Astral Projection. Anyone Can Project With The Right Mindset. Are You Interested?
on 08 Jul 2016 01:28:31
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I just find the sensation of having my neck sucked on pretty pleasurable read more...
on 08 Jul 2016 01:04:02
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Any questions just ask.
on 08 Jul 2016 01:29:16
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I agree with you on that. There are no miracles, everything has a rational explanation for it. read more...
on 11 Sep 2008 22:11:45
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1. Any questions just ask.
  08 Jul 2016 01:29:16  
2. Yeah, why the hell not? As long as the experiments dont give anyone mega cancer. read more...
  24 Nov 2014 01:52:31  
3. I do too, with certain protections. Some of them are, most are supposed to be.. But only until the gov finds them inconvenient. Then they just toss em aside.. Wankers. read more...
  24 Nov 2014 01:51:34  
4. Maybe to an extent, but the government should only be able to do so much. They should be there to keep the peace, not barging into a persons life telling them what to eat, what insurance to buy, and whether or not you can own a gun. Those kind of choices should be personal freedoms that everyone is allowed to have. There is a fine line between protection, and overprotection. For bhuddas sake, remember what made this country so great in the first place: Life, LIBERTY, and the pursuit of happiness. Jeez. read more...
  19 Jan 2013 19:58:26  
5. I cant say that i care too much for tag, but there are people in the world who do find it fun. read more...
  21 Dec 2012 21:10:06  
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1. I just find the sensation of having my neck sucked on pretty pleasurable read more...
  08 Jul 2016 01:04:02  
2. So he created a faulty angel then, and blamed us for that?? He had to have known lucifer was going to go bad... because hey, he's all knowing right? Either...  read more...
  17 Mar 2013 19:16:41  
3. Very true.
  26 Feb 2013 19:39:30  
4. Maybe not, but I think a kid is more likely to go to one of his friends for help first, rather than straight to the teacher. Unless hes just unsociable,...  read more...
  19 Jan 2013 19:51:19  
5. Dude, You need to think with your mind, and not with the bible. Youre brainwashed. read more...
  20 Dec 2012 23:32:58  
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