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I am elevenn and cool. I go to Albany Middle School.
I keep a attitude.I love to dance and play around. i have a 6 month old brother . he gets on my nerve.i have a cool and fun mom and dad . i love to play soccer and flag football. its kinda weird that a 11 year old girl likes to play football. i tackle boys and girls but mostly i tackle boys because they think they are so good at football . so i love to tackle boys just because of that. i play a little bit of football. but i mostly play flag football. because that is funniest of all.i don't really go to the Skating ring that much .
Shayla453's Interests:
I love to shop' hang with friends' go out to eat 'and chil around with my peeps.i love to read . i read at a 10th grade level and i read really really fast. i spell good to. one time i went one week without going to school and i came back that monday and i took the spelling test that i mist and i got a A + 100 percent on that test so now i never study for spelling test that happened when i was in the 1st grade and since then i have never studied for a spelling test and that has been my decision all since the 1st grade and always will be my decision.
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hey whats up gotta keep a loop with the little 12 year old some how huh im 12 too!!!
by Josie13 on 20 Mar 2011 18:12:32
by fuzzy2bear on 12 Mar 2010 16:19:04
yur so awesome. im in the 8th grade though. but ya still cuul 4 a
by kaylei on 15 Sep 2009 22:24:12
hey im sorry about my last debate i was just mad and frustraited so please forgive me
by josie on 13 Jun 2009 18:57:16
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