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Behold! The NEW and Improved Scorpion!
by SCORPION-1 on 17 Feb 2011 16:58:53
"Elvis has left the building" to speak ;-D don't leave any more messages in the shoutbox. (no point).
by debategal on 05 Feb 2011 12:16:57
scorpion called me a lesbien!!!!
by DdAWg on 02 Jan 2010 04:59:31
"oh that's so not true. a nude man is WAY BETTER LOOKING. not even any comparison. a man is magnificent pagan beast" I like your style!
by tinseldove on 19 May 2009 21:52:13
Hello! Because you say pale pinky-peach looks best on you, I am going to venture a guess that you have reddish or golden tones in your hair. You sound like a "warm" skinned person. I study color analysis and I find that people gravitate to the colors that flatter their skin tones. I myself have dark brown hair, white skin and black brown eyes. I look like cr@p in peach but I look great in red and black. I bet you can wear turquoise and aqua, too. I’d love to know. Would you please message me?
by tinseldove on 07 Feb 2009 05:48:22
by SlyOne on 03 Feb 2009 06:16:27
Hi, Scorpion, I left a comment for you after your "vertically challenged" reply. It is something I really believe in. Small women are the potential strength of the world simply because there are more of them. They do not know how strong they can be because "political correctness" uses their powerful reality against them.
by tinseldove on 02 Feb 2009 06:31:12
anyone hot???
by NICK99 on 05 Dec 2008 00:43:27
by NICK99 on 05 Dec 2008 00:42:44
Get out. Appointments only.
by Homestar on 30 Nov 2008 02:34:05
Why would here information be deleted? hmmmm
by Specter87 on 19 Nov 2008 03:06:48
This is my domain now! Since Scorpion moved out, I call this space!
by Homestar on 17 Nov 2008 22:38:05
by josie on 10 Nov 2008 01:18:39
You can shout at him/her, if you log in/register.
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