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Stranger Is The Posterboy For "Forever Alone"
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"Surplus whales"? It could just as easily be argued that you are a "suplus human being" deserving the same fate as those "surplus whales". . read more...
on 18 May 2014 02:54:15
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I can't tell you what to do, but I can tell you I had similar experiences. My thankfully dead "parents" were physically...  read more...
on 07 Jun 2014 00:40:23
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First, art that doesn't offend isn't art; shocking people out of their sensibilities is part of its purpose. Using profanity to simply for shock value is juvenile, but using profanity for effect, to make...  read more...
on 19 Apr 2008 08:37:21
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1. I can't tell you what to do, but I can tell you I had similar experiences. My thankfully dead "parents" were physically abusive, racist and hardcore religious hypocrites who used "god" to justify anything. I didn't talk to them for over a decade and only heard by accident that they had died. The only thought I had after that was, "Are my siblings still brainwashed by the cult?" Your first and only priority is your own well being, and if their wishes conflict with your best interests, screw 'em. Abandoning abusive parents is no more "wrong" than a woman leaving an abusive husband. Being blood related doesn't mean sqaut, it doesn't excuse or entitle anyone to commit violence or other abuse. read more...
  07 Jun 2014 00:40:23  
2. The anti-woman idiots don't just want to punish and oppress women, they want women to be property without rights. The southern US state of Mississilly criminalized miscarriages, and so have some third world countries controlled by the catholic cult. Http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2013/05/buckhalter-mississippi-stillbirth-manslaughter . read more...
  18 May 2014 02:57:36  
3. You can't have infinite growth of populations on a finite planet with finite resources. The inevitable future of such stupidity is one or both of these things: (1) mass starvation and cannibalism, environmental and social collapse, disease and war (go read the history of Easter Island aka Rapa Nui, if you want to see the future) (2) death of the planet's environment Religious morons and science deniers will lie and say "Population control means euthanasia!!!!" No, it doesn't. Having fewer kids - or better yet, none at all - does not equate to murdering people. We can cull our herd voluntarily and safely by not adding to the population for the next 20-30 years. Unfortunately, religious morons believe in stupidity like "quiverfull" and "outpopulate the enemy!" They actually believe in the stupidity of killing everyone and letting their mythical "gods" to sort it out. Unfortunately, there are no "gods" and there won't be any people left to admit it. . read more...
  18 May 2014 02:51:40  
4. How long do you think McRotten's would allow a franchise to remain open if the franchisee hurled racist insults and threw out any customers who weren't white? Not long. How is that any different than Sterling and his actions? NBA teams are franchises, controlled by the league. They are not individual businesses. As with any franchise, there is a contractual agreement between the franchisor and franchisees including morals clauses. Sterling violated that contract, one of which is that he NOT cause damage to the league. This is NOT a free speech issue. Once he's dumped as owner, he's free to speak his racist idiocy all he wants. But if he expects to own an NBA team, he has to keep his mouth shut. . read more...
  18 May 2014 02:42:31  
5. Chad Curtis blathered about christianity both when he was with the New York Yankees, and now after he has been charged with the rape of children. He forced a girl to pray to cheezus immediately after he sexually assaulted her. Http://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/index.ssf/2013/08/teen_says_former_major_leaguer.html Obviously this is what you consider "morality". read more...
  11 May 2014 14:15:20  
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1. "Surplus whales"? It could just as easily be argued that you are a "suplus human being" deserving the same fate as those "surplus whales". . read more...
  18 May 2014 02:54:15  
2. Read the edit. .
  05 Oct 2011 09:19:03  
3. jam, the religitards live by the credo of their mentor, Joseph Goebbels: Tell the lie often enough and people will believe it. They don't repeat it...  read more...
  08 Sep 2011 18:02:09  
4. That wasn't "clarity", it was obfuscation. ALL religions are cults.read more...
  01 Sep 2011 23:33:17  
5. How exactly, am I "doing it wrong" by advocating personal responsibility? Or were you suggesting it should be done into wads of kleenex? . read more...
  15 Aug 2011 12:47:06  
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What is your fascination with 'buggery'? You seem to obsess over the matter. Sheep?
by Bugman on 27 Mar 2011 04:04:29
Thank you for taking enough time out of your day to express your dislike for me. I am flattered.
by Prometheus on 09 Feb 2011 10:46:04
i am doing a debate about should vat go down since your such a excellent debater please may u help
by josh1998 on 24 Jan 2011 11:19:52
Try out www.ufeud.com. It has a lot more features than FAA. It just needs users.
by kddan on 10 Jan 2011 01:31:16
K9, I sincerely advise you to research God, and more, specifically Islam. I have no animosity towards you, I just want you to know the truth.
by IdeasMan on 16 Nov 2010 10:56:24
I am getting a BA in English, then I am going to take a few teaching classes, I plan on teaching English in Asia somewhere, Do you have any good advice?
by verum on 05 Oct 2010 22:44:40
The debate was about spelling not who created the language.
by artemis on 02 Oct 2010 10:54:35
Hi, haven't seen you in a while. I am glad you're back. I enjoy your posts.
by artemis on 16 Sep 2010 07:59:29
by keyshayla on 29 Aug 2010 23:16:43
hey how are you?
by Prometheus on 12 Jul 2010 03:17:51
You are awsome as you again rated for me
by Muchi_man on 21 Mar 2010 05:30:12
Thanks for rating!
by Muchi_man on 21 Mar 2010 04:06:32
Who are you K9?
by artemis on 14 Mar 2010 19:18:55
Hello, it's hard to find other athiests on here... just saying Hi!
by DdAWg on 04 Feb 2010 05:26:46
http://www.forandagainst.com/Do_Think_The_Atheist_ s_Had_A_Right_To_Put_Up_Signs_Stating_That_There_s _Probably_No_God_Now_Stop_Worrying_And_Get_On_With _Your_Life
by SlyOne on 13 Jan 2010 04:19:21
happy Christmas MATEY! 1985 BROTHERS IN ARMS, guess you have just fallen on your a$$ matey! All the best anyways....;-)
by LordDaniel on 25 Dec 2009 21:49:51
Do we have a p r problem?
by Nicadeamus on 08 Nov 2009 13:04:04
Legalizing weed isn't my answer. We are using the patriot act to accuse and persecute our own citizens and we denounce them as terrorists. Their misdemeanors automatically become felonies. It's utter BSSSSS.
by gottfried on 27 Oct 2009 19:40:58
Hey...if you edit your response to ask me a question and I comment, can you edit it to answer my comment? It's a bit hard to debate with a constantly changing response due to edits. I answered all of you smoking questions. Just wanted to let you know.
by my2cents2u on 25 Oct 2009 16:21:03
2cents leave him alone. He doesn't need 10,000 shouts from you. K9, she just can't stop herself.
by artemis on 17 Oct 2009 12:40:12
You can shout at him/her, if you log in/register.
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