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Im kind sweet,genourous and enthusiastic.
My fav colour well i only like two colour combinations.
I am very positive.
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Definat Debating
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Children Should Be Forced To Play Sports For The Upcoming Olympics!
on 05 Jul 2011 10:39:06
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lol!
on 05 Jul 2011 10:32:44
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Everyone should have a choice! However we have to force it on people or they will never know what will happen in the future...  read more...
on 05 Jul 2011 10:34:54
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It depends in what you beleive in,who u beleive in,and how you do it in muslim religion which i am there is a god i dont know about any other gods but it is better to treat religion respectly and focus...  read more...
on 29 Jun 2010 18:19:46
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1. Everyone should have a choice! However we have to force it on people or they will never know what will happen in the future without that skill! read more...
  05 Jul 2011 10:34:54  
2. I have never met you so you can forget about it! read more...
  05 Jul 2011 10:33:19  
3. It is bad for you as it is harmful to your surroundings as well as yourself and also harms your future! read more...
  05 Jul 2011 10:31:04  
4. No, Because it is wrong for a girl to over do her fashion, anyway if you go to a girl school like Plashet you will have to use 100 tissues just to wipe you makeup afterwards. read more...
  10 Mar 2011 12:37:39  
5. There is something called Freedom of Choice therefore people are allowed to do anything appropiate which makes them comfortable and right! read more...
  10 Mar 2011 12:27:44  
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1. lol!
  05 Jul 2011 10:32:44  
2. Im not on anyones side!
  08 Mar 2011 12:43:47  
3. Not to be mean but we get the point. But that is accusing! read more...
  08 Mar 2011 12:31:51  
4. Just Saying.
  16 Jan 2011 01:52:07  
5. Are you 2 related? Cause u guys are like bakin each other up. read more...
  16 Jan 2011 01:52:04  
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what? leave me alone do you understand its my life i will do it however i want leabve me alone mind your own buisness.
by JTKhan786 on 20 Nov 2010 02:42:39
Where did you go? Your profile says your interests include "Definat Debating".
by Grenache on 11 Nov 2010 01:54:52
I'll debate you however I feel appropriate. I will indeed be polite though, as I always am, but jokes are still fair game.
by Grenache on 07 Nov 2010 03:49:30
dont talk to me like that ok
by JTKhan786 on 07 Nov 2010 02:51:39
And P.S., you actually gave zero explanation why this is a good debate site. So we're weighing my "geeky" reason as you claimed against your no reason.
by Grenache on 06 Nov 2010 14:30:14
When you join a debate website you should expect others to debate you. They are not always going to do it in the ways you might expect.
by Grenache on 06 Nov 2010 14:27:45
Hello I am new and go to debating club thats why i am new!
by JTKhan786 on 29 Jun 2010 18:07:43
You can shout at him/her, if you log in/register.
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