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I love the Wallabies and I will be world dictador! HAHAHAHAHAAAAAA.
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RUGBY (football union), cricket, chess, history and philosophy.
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Mars Is The Best Planet!
on 03 Apr 2009 07:14:31
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It's the best part of rugby.
on 03 Apr 2009 22:32:54
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Be my guest. You will either solve the problem or lose all your money. But somebody's got to do it. read more...
on 06 Apr 2009 06:47:56
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It's just the best. That's all.
on 26 Mar 2009 08:43:10
1. Mars Is The Best Planet!
  03 Apr 2009 07:14:31  
2. Napoleon Was Unlucky To Lose The Battle Of Waterloo.
  30 Mar 2009 07:21:07  
3. The Best Form Of Government Is Yet To Be Discovered.
  30 Mar 2009 06:40:29  
4. Democracy Is The Best Form Of Government.
  27 Mar 2009 05:31:09  
5. Australia Should Become A Republic
  27 Mar 2009 00:12:51  
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1. Be my guest. You will either solve the problem or lose all your money. But somebody's got to do it. read more...
  06 Apr 2009 06:47:56  
2. Hunting is one thing but who on Earth would want to ban fishing? read more...
  03 Apr 2009 10:54:18  
3. It's like a colder redder sandier Earth i love it! P.S please don't make comments on my terrible spelling. read more...
  03 Apr 2009 10:48:04  
4. Well you have to think about the words "know" and "no". Both the "k" and the "w" are silent but two very different words.  read more...
  03 Apr 2009 07:07:18  
5. The end is soon. Australia are suffering from heat and bushfires the U.S is suffering from the financial crises and everybody else is suffering from the U.S attacking people. read more...
  02 Apr 2009 02:35:05  
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1. It's the best part of rugby.
  03 Apr 2009 22:32:54  
2. Go Andy Pandy. Spot on.
  03 Apr 2009 22:31:14  
3. I would have said "coolest" planet but somebody may have thought I meant coldest planet. read more...
  03 Apr 2009 22:29:23  
4. Can't he just lend a hand... or maybe he's just lazy. read more...
  03 Apr 2009 07:25:09  
5. I don't think AndyQTPham knows who the Prussians were though and you knew what i meant. read more...
  03 Apr 2009 07:12:11  
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Hey Freddo, you on FORandAGAINST tonight?
by AndyQTPham on 31 Mar 2009 10:12:26
YO Andy Pandy (it's spelt Freddie)
by Fredman01 on 27 Mar 2009 21:35:33
by AndyQTPham on 27 Mar 2009 10:35:25
thats fine joe
by Fredman01 on 27 Mar 2009 02:24:42
Whoops, wrong Fred! I withdraw the insult(s).
by MilkyJoe on 26 Mar 2009 22:39:51
You put an extra 'ab' in it.
by MilkyJoe on 26 Mar 2009 12:38:39
Hello. I'm Fredman01. The Wallabies rule!!!
by Fredman01 on 26 Mar 2009 08:45:43
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