Social Bookmarking

These thirteen icons represent a selection of 'social bookmarking' sites. These Sites allow you to store, tag, and share links across the world wide web.

Unlike your web browser-based 'favourites', social bookmarks allows you to share those links with friends, or log into your 'favourites' from anywhere in the world. As a member of a social bookmarks site, you can save the question or answer that you are using. This will gradually create a massive list of personalised useful web pages and content for you to refer at any stage. You can then share these lists with friends or members of the public who are looking for similar things if you wish to.

When marking a page, it's normal to add 'tags' or 'keywords' to describe the page you are using, making it easier for others to search and find it. Some social bookmarking sites will show some pages in order, according to the number of people who have bookmarked them and use them regularly.

How Do I Use These Sites?

You will need to register (its Free!) with at least one of the sites. It doesn\'t matter which website you use, but each site listed has different features. Have a look around and try a few then start to bookmark with your favourite.

When you find a Question or Answer that you find really interesting and want to save for future reference, just click the appropriate icon below it. When you bookmark a question or answer, a link to it will be saved to your page on your chosen bookmarking site.

So Get bookmarking!