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Why Buy A New Computer/laptop When You Can Buy Second Hand?
Second hand laptops are often cheaper and just as good as a new one, so why buy new?
 Andie47   31 Jul 2008 19:13
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With over 30 million new units shipped in 2007, the US laptop market is booming. It is predicted that this year sales of laptop units will match sales of desktops in the corporate sector.

Let’s face it, everyone wants to have a laptop, and if they have one already, will change it before long. In the same way the mobile phone has embedded itself in our lives as an essential item, the wireless internet boom is fuelling laptop purchases, make them a must-have in the modern world.

With new product launches every quarter, manufacturers and their marketing departments are constantly bombarding the consumer with new models, leaving the average Joe scratching his head in confusion.

It’s not really necessary to buy a brand new laptop these days. Manufacturers are under a lot of pressure to keep selling more new units every year, and as such they continually announce apparent improvements in technology that the consumer is left feeling they cannot be without.

What the boom has achieved in the bargain hunter’s favour is massively increase the availability of ‘second-user’ or ‘ex-corporate’ laptops, and this has driven down the value of these units. It’s now possible to buy a used laptop at much less than its original retail value.

The vast majority of people use laptops for only a few simple tasks; e-mail, word processing and internet browsing. Apparent jumps in processor power and newer releases of ‘memory hungry’ operating systems are not likely to make a lot of difference.

Second user laptops are just as efficient and capable of running these programs efficiently and effectively. This is particularly the case with internet related activity; speed delays are commonly related to the quality and bandwidth of your internet connection, and not necessarily related to the capability of your laptop.

Apart from saving money, there are a number of other advantages of buying a pre owned laptop. You might not have to learn a new operating system that is by default released with new machines. Often, you can buy a second hand laptop with a license and an installation of that reliable operating system you know and love.

Spare parts such as batteries, additional memory and chargers also tend to be cheaper for an older laptop. If you want to sell it on, they don’t depreciate quite as fast as new machines either.

It’s also worth considering that if you are of a clumsy disposition, or have inquisitive children or animals, it’s a lot less stressful worrying about the welfare of your laptop if it didn’t cost the earth to begin with!

There are drawbacks to buying a laptop that isn’t new. New units come with a minimum of 12 months parts and labour warranty from the manufacturer and in some cases, the warranty can be as much as 36 months.
If you’re not buying new, and you’re sourcing one from an auction website, be aware that you’re unlike to get any warranty or after sales support unless stated by the seller. Some local computer shop retailers will offer some kind of parts or labour warranty, but they generally will add a premium to the cost of the machine to compensate for their risk.

That said, there are many arguments in favour of buying new. Some advances in technology are beneficial – for example, new laptops tend to have much better screen and graphics technology than those manufactured, say, a year ago. Images and text is sharper and clearer than ever, reducing eye strain and making long periods of usage a more pleasurable experience.

Many new laptops now come with built-in devices such as wireless internet capability and web cameras, avoiding the hassle and extra cost of buying and installing bolt-on equipment.

Design has much improved also; technical innovations mean that newer laptops tend to be lighter, improving the device’s portability. This also extends to aesthetics – rectangular chunks of heavy plastic have given way to sleek, curvaceous models, often available in different colours and finishes.

The biggest reason why consumers prefer new is peace of mind; there are no niggling doubts about the way the machine has been used or treated during its lifetime. There is of course, the social kudos of owning the latest, shiniest product.

In conclusion, whether you ought to buy new or second hand depends on your budget and likely usage. For those with a healthy wallet, who want peace of mind and the latest gadgets new might be the best option.

If however, you want to save yourself some money, and are only going to use it for simple tasks and applications, buy a second hand machine - preferably from a trusted source.

You could even try and source a second hand or ex-corporate machine which still has manufacturer’s warranty left on it. However, you should always check that the warranty is transferrable. Some manufacturers have the original purchaser listed on their database, and are reluctant to transfer the warranty to the new buyer without paperwork or written permission.

Those who are a little braver, and have, or know someone who has some technical knowledge (how to install programs and devices, add memory, change a battery etc) can grab a real bargain by buying a pre-owned machine from an online auction, and perhaps upgrading it cheaply.

There is no need to pay a premium for the newest thing on the market and bow to the pressure of the marketing machine.
 Gamers don't have many options with this. If you want to play the latest and coolest games, it has to be a new laptop. You might get lucky and find a good deal on a used gaming laptop, but people tend to hang on to them until they can't handle what you need them to do.
by  Mr_Right
 23 Apr 2015 20:40
 Personally, I wouldn't buy a second-hand one because it may have a hidden virus or something that would mess up my work...
by  Dark_Pixie
 08 Mar 2011 12:47
 Cool, and awesome
by  AndyQTPham
 30 Mar 2009 02:21
 It is nice to have the latest ut sometimes it is just as well to upgrade to a used one.
by  keepmindok
 15 Oct 2008 03:53
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