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The USA Should Break Up Into Smaller Countries
America isn’t working. Its political system is massively dysfunctional. Divisions in the country have intensified to the point where there is barely any point in continuing the project. The United States of America should simply be wound up, breaking up into a number of much smaller nations whose citizens will be much happier living on their own.
 Hidell   31 Jul 2008 23:10
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Political divisions in America are deep and bitter. When Clinton was in office, the Republicans hated him with a demented passion. They circulated lurid and fantastical tracts claiming that he had murdered vast numbers of people. Eventually, this crazed bitterness led to the impeachment proceeding, in which the Republicans seized on a ludicrously trivial pretext to try and unseat the man they could not defeat at the ballot box. It was a brutal assault on democracy which almost succeeded.

Bush, too, is deeply hated by the opposite side. He is the most unpopular president since records began, managing to edge out even the scorned Richard Nixon as he was mired in scandal and heading towards resignation. A total of 56% of Democrats have a strongly negative perception of Bush. This, too, is unprecedented.

The political geography of America is striking. If we look at the 2004 election results, we see that all north-eastern states voted Democrat, all states along the “Left Coast” voted Democrat and the whole South and Middle of the country was a solid Republican block. There is no patchwork quilt. There is no tartan-style pattern of red and blue. Instead, there are solid Republican and Democratic blocks in which contiguous states vote the same way.

Someone posted a comical pseudo-map after the 2004 election. It showed the Western and North-Eastern Democratic blocks absorbed into the “United States of Canada” and the rest of what had been the US as “Jesusland”.

Republicans like to complain about “big government”. Paradoxically, however, it is Republican states which are the biggest recipients of government money. The creative and economic centres of America are in the left-leaning coastal regions, based around Seattle, Los Angeles and New York.

Left to their own devices, the coastal states would be civilised members of the world community, working to implement progressive change and to deal responsibly with problems such as global warming. But the American system in its current form allows the primitive people in the Red states to essentially hijack the creative and economic potential of the coastal states and use it for nefarious purposes.

On their own, the Red States would probably lapse into barbarism. The teaching of evolution would be banned, as would abortion. Not only homosexual marriage would be banned but, quite possibly, homosexuality itself. Though their belligerent instincts would no doubt remain, their technological prowess would be vastly diminished. Without the creativity of California, the warriors of Jesusland would be attacking foreign countries not with cruise missiles or stealth bombers, but with spears and arrows. Most likely Jesusland would be become a reviled pariah state, much like apartheid South Africa.

Is there any compelling argument for the discordant states of the US to remain together? The main virtue of unity lies in presenting a more formidable face to any potential enemy. But America has no genuinely threatening foreign enemies so that argument doesn’t really stand up. And there is nothing to prevent the separate states which emerge from signing a NATO-style defensive alliance. The separate countries would have less clout in international affairs, for sure, but that may be no bad thing. American power is often used in ways many of its citizens object to intensely. That, indeed, is one of the problems secession would solve.

Though I would favour partition from a leftist perspective, it’s perfectly possible to support it from the other end of the political spectrum too. Indeed, there are secessionist movements based on libertarian principles, as well as religious nutballs who wish to see miniature American theocracies. And that’s fine. All of this is well and good. A North America boasting such diversity might well be a good thing for everyone.

Decent-minded Americans must shake their heads in despair and amazement at what their country has been responsible for under George W. Bush : worldwide war, torture and international brigandage. They should surely ask themselves : why go on with it? Bush is exceptional in some ways. His brutality and barbarism is more in-your-face than under other presidents, but look closely at the presidencies of Reagan or Nixon and you see the same tendencies. Good people should be asking themselves whether they really want to belong to the same country as people like Pat Robertson.

An optimal solution, for America and the world, is for the United States to break up into smaller blocks. Of course, each state would have the option of becoming a nation on its own but, most likely, they would prefer to group into blocks of like-minded states. The north-eastern states could form a nation of their own. California would probably want to go its own way. The other western coastal states could group into a single nation. Most likely the red states in the South and centre of the country would want to stay together as the official USA or perhaps the South will rise again and go its own way too.

America's political system is so flawed as to be barely functional. Partition is the way forward for the country. It will probably take decades before it can happen, but people of good will should start working for it now.
 Fantastisch idea
by  prospekt
 16 Apr 2013 12:03
 Interesting perspective.
by  pollywog
 21 Feb 2013 21:04
 America would cease to be a superpower and fail. The economy's been worse and it will get better. And how do you consider America "Jesusland"? We're made up of many different faiths and cultures. United we stand, divided we fall: common sense 101.
by  illini527
 23 Feb 2012 10:45
 This is an interesting idea and I can see why it would appeal to many people. Unfortunately, I don't see it as much of an option, for the near future at least, because parts of the union quite frankly rely on others. We are very intertwined at this point economically. And there is such a reverance for this nation among many of its citizens that any attempted secession would undoubtedly be met with fierce, probably violent opposition. If people in this country demonstrated that they could tolerate the wishes of others, I would think this idea might work. Unfortunately, tolerance is an issue that we still have much to work on.
by  Ambrose
 09 Jan 2009 04:10
 Verum stop talking like that. We would be citizens of the same state then!
by  Specter87
 10 Nov 2008 03:09
 Yeah, how do we write these?
by  Quincel
 06 Nov 2008 17:58
 That's an interesting article underlined with some humorous observations. How do you write one of these things?
by  chaew
 06 Nov 2008 17:01
 what the hell is wrong with you?
by  n-stein8_
 26 Oct 2008 23:34
 The problem is, that, when A continet is divided by certain ideal, fighting breaks out. So, when you have country A) Jesusland and country B) Paganland (:P) next to eahch other with such different ideologies... bad things happen. This is proven by the Gulf War.
by  XieXie
 14 Oct 2008 21:10
 Why is Canada involved? I dont like that. it shouldn't have been involved in this. It makes it seem like Canada is apart of the U.S.
by  verum
 21 Sep 2008 05:05
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