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Is The Atkins Diet A Misunderstood Dream For Fatties Or A Health Nightmare Waiting To Explode?
Atkins could be a miracle for overweight people, it could also cause horrendous health consequences in the future, who's right, you decide!
 Andie47   30 Jul 2008 22:22
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If you heard that Doctor Robert Atkins died of a massive heart attack, you may believe that his high fat, high protein, low carbohydrate diet got the better of him. That would be possible be the case, but Doctor Robert Atkins didn’t die of a heart attack. This kindly man with a passion for helping the overweight, actually slipped over on the street, banged his head and died of his injury. Many in the health, fitness and diet industry have used his death to provoke a response, but the truth is that Robert Atkins came up with a diet that works. The trouble is… if we know some of the benefits, what do we know of its potential problems?

The Atkins Diet helps people lose weight by changing their body from a carb-burning, fat storing machine, into a lean mean fat burning machine. The results are produced when we do not eat enough carbs, our body goes into a kind of mode that burns fat instead of the carbs. This means that instead of storing the fat as it usually does, it spends all day burning it. In order to do this, a dieter’s intake of carbs must be restricted to 20 grams per day. This is only a little. Atkins Dieters do not count calories. They can eat as much food as they want from the specific charts of acceptable and allowable foods. However, this 20 grams must be strictly adhered to in order to see maximum benefits.

The Atkins Diet does really produce results. People have lost so much weight. It has cut the number of people suffering from diabetes and has given many people across the world a completely new lease of life. One of the greatest benefits is that because you are no longer a slave to sugar, you feel in control of your eating habits. You no longer want to eat chocolate by the brick load because your viscera is no longer addicted to sugar.

If this is the case, why does the Atkins Diet trouble people so much? Perhaps they don’t want to believe it can be that easy? Perhaps skinny people are jealous that Atkins people can eat many full fat alternatives and still lose weight. You can even drink alcohol on Atkins as long as you understand that the body burns alcohol first and fat second. Or perhaps it doesn’t require you to add up points or attend a regular club.

It does encourage regular exercise, the slow re-introduction of certain foods and a more healthy relationship with food.

On the contrary, The Atkins Diet has been described as dangerous. It has been said that Atkins causes kidney damage, it has also been said that it causes heart problems. Either of these may be true. The trouble is that there is not enough evidence over a sustained period of time, objectively authenticated to prove its benefit outweighs its potential health problems. There is some evidence that due to the overemphasis on protein that it causes a great deal of stress on the kidneys. This can lead to kidney damage and particular very painful kidney stones. Not everyone experiences this, but the diet is not really suitable for people who have previous kidney problems.

Many people feel very tired after they start the Atkins diet. This is because the amount of energy created by the carbs that we eat is suddenly lacking. The other foods do contain enough energy for us to be healthy, but initially it causes people to be quite lethargic. Not everyone feels this tiredness; some people just start burning fat and really enjoy that feeling. After the initial stage of Atkins, it is said that the tiredness decreases as the types of food that can be eaten increases. I do not have proof that this is true.

It simply is not health to massively increase your fat intake. Suddenly eating lots of cheese, meats, mayonnaise, must really cause health problems, not to mention the amount of eggs that one could eat if one was on the Atkins diet. This must surely lead to cholesterol and heart related problems, we have been told all our lives to avoid these things but now we’re being encouraged to eat them by the deceased Doctor and his legacy.

Is the Atkins a dangerous diet that kills people, or a revolution for overweight people to take control of their bodies and therefore a vital part of their lives. The Atkins Diet has been both applauded and marauded but enough research, it’s simply not possible to know for sure which is which. If it can really help people lose a lot of weight, it would be an excellent assistance to many people. What does it cost? Practically nothing, these days you don’t even need to buy the book. It’s all available to you online, for free.
 I've been following a modified version of the Atkin's diet for about 10 months now. Combined with going to the gym extensively I've lost 40 pounds (no fooling). Basically I gave up all grains - wheat, rice, corn - and their products, as well as potatoes. I eat whole fruits, egg-beater's omelets, and lots of green salads with lean meat. I'm pretty good at dodging sugar and such but not perfect, I do have SmartOnes desserts or puddings or jellos, etc. Anyway it still works. The key things to me are 1) No grains, 2) Natural whole foods whenever possible (if it's in a can or box or packet don't eat it), 3) You can't just eat ANY meat to extreme, it needs to be fairly lean and low sodium and real meat - not compressed byproducts or mechanically separated junk, and 4) It must have a rigorous exercise regime to accompany it.

The mistake some traditional Atkins dieters make is they think they have free license to eat a whole package of bacon for breakfast or a whole pack of bologna for lunch or 3 large steaks for dinner. You can't stuff yourself with sky high sodium and countless preservatives and pure grease and expect to get healthy. Eat the type of meat which you know would make your mother and doctor proud, and eat a good amount of real vegetables and fruits with it, and hit the gym or do some other serious exercise daily, and then, THEN, you'll be doing right.
by  Grenache
 12 Jun 2009 20:18
 A diet isn't all, A healthy daily exercise is really good for cardiovascular workouts. And that's all It takes to be really healthy. (Don't forget the right preportions of food is the best way to stay in shape)
by  Emo_flower
 06 Dec 2008 04:50
 I don't believe that any diets are the answer, except a healthy one. It has always been a question, What ever happened to Dr. Atkins,. He didn't really just fall off the side walk did he?
by  keepmindok
 15 Oct 2008 03:57
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