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Europe Is Manipulating The US To Vote For Obama.
Behind the scenes, Europe has always pulled many strings, now they're meddling in the US Elections...
 Andie47   31 Jul 2008 19:33
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I know that as I am looking to elect the next president of the United States of America I am not considering what the rest of the world is thinking. Why should I care?

The only the thing the people of the USA should be concerned about is who is going to run the country with the competency and skill of a great leader.

I know that there are a lot of people across the globe who have a very negative view of America right now. We were obviously really wrong to go to war against Iraq, and how dreadful it is that our troops are still there etc. But what gives them a right to pass judgement on who should be the next leader? Why should that influence our votes?

I watched the broadcast of Obama’s speech in Germany at the end of July. Reports said that over 200 thousand people went to hear him speak. Of course, that is amazing and who wouldn’t be fascinated as to why this man who was relatively unknown a year ago, can create such a following abroad. But what they sailed to report was the fact that throughout the whole day there was beer tents, food standds and two free rock concerts happening! Obama was only there for an hour. If I was offered the chance to go and see a couple of great bands in a party atmosphere with food and drink in plentiful supply I would go too. I’m sure there were people there specifically to hear him – in fact I’m sure we heard interviews on the news from all four of them!

What I am saying is that I feel that we are being manipulated by the rest of the world (in particular Europe) into voting for Obama. They have been fed a ‘messiah’ like image of Obama and they are swallowing it whole. They have been led to believe that the bulk of the problems in their country (with national security, troops at ear etc.) is the fault of our current president George Bush. Their leaders had a hand to play in it too but its obviously easier to make a scapegoat of someone else.

Americans care about the rest of the world, and of course we listen when people speak. I don’t think it is fair that we are being shown images of crowds of people cheering for Obama, and interviews where people sing his praises about what good they think he will do for the world. What person could not be affected by this?

What they seem to forget is that OUR country is still at risk. We live under the constant threat of terror. Our troops (who have families too) are still fighting terrorists and trying to build a safer stable Iraq. We need to vote for who WE think is going to take us into a new era safely. Of course we want our troops out and home. Of course we want to hold hands with the rest of the world but we cannot be so ignorant as to think that Obama is capable of solving any of our problems just because he is liked by Europe!

I fully understand that the presedential election will affect the whole world. The USA is a strong and powerful nation that people look up to. A world leader. What seems to be forgotten is that we built this. We haven’t got this far by making poor choices and going along with what our ‘neighbour’ says is a good idea.

How do we know that Europe isn’t just looking to sabbotage the US? By influencing our voting through what is clever use of the global media they could encourage us to vote for whoever they want. They could be backing the man that would see our downfall. We are humans and naturally competitive. I’m sure the UK would be happy to see us lose some of our power if they could get a piece of it!

But maybe I’m wrong. Perhaps Europe isn’t influencing our vote in Obama’s favour at all. It could be actually encouraging many Americans who wouldn’t normally vote to read into it a little bit more. People could be becoming suspicious of the (overly) enthusiastic reception he has been receiving and deciding to look more closely at McCain’s campaign. McCain is a good candidate too. He has strong ideas about where he wants to take the US and he has none of the ridiculous celebrity that Obama carries.

I think that Europe is manipluating us to vote for Obama, but when he makes a mistake they will turn on him just as quickly as they turned on Bush. They don’t want the US to be a great, independent nation – they want to control us.
 "By influencing our voting through what is clever use of the global media they could encourage us to vote for whoever they want."

Global media isn't owned by Europe, or even Europeans. FOX is owned by an Australian, MyNetworksTV is owned by FOX. CW is owned by CBS, who along with ABC and NBC are or are owned by US firms.

So in other words, no. Just no.
by  Quincel
 06 Nov 2008 18:07
 Most of the World like Obama... most of the world hates the United States.
by  XieXie
 13 Oct 2008 02:56
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