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Acting Is No Job For A Grown Up.
Lot of actors, few jobs, it's really not a profession or a career, no adult should do it...
 Andie47   31 Jul 2008 19:21
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You can’t switch on the TV these days without finding a talent show. A constant stream of smiling young faces sing, dance and act their hearts out in the hope of winning approval from a panel of judges.

Never before has the media done so much to push the notion that to be successful in this world, you need to seek fame and fortune. ‘Be somebody - be a star’ seems to be the message.

It’s no wonder that applications to drama schools and actor training institutes are increasing. Year on year, thousands apply in the hope that they will be the next biggest thing in Hollywood.

Is it time for these young adults to grow up and smell the coffee?
Acting is probably the most over subscribed professional in the world. Thousands train each year, and five times that number apply. They are applying for work that simply doesn’t even come close to being available for a sustainable career. There is perhaps no other professional in the world that trains so many for so few jobs.

Why then does it happen? ‘Celebrity’ is bombarded at us at every turn, every day. People dream of Oscar speeches, glamorous parties, sexy partners and all the trappings of wealth. They are being exploited.

The performing arts training industry is a multi-billion dollar business machine, they know everyone wants it, and they claim to be able to give it. It doesn’t just stop at the initial training. Out of work actors are constantly being pushed to spend money on new courses, new photographs and promotional material, memberships for casting organisations… the list goes on.

The fact is that over 90% of ‘professional actors’ can’t make their living from acting. Most of them end up waiting tables, since they can’t get a job with the flexibility to leave at a moment’s notice for that all important audition - an audition that they have a low chance of getting.

Many actors find they have little job security, little or no pension, and struggle to maintain relationships since (if they are lucky enough to get work) they’re away from home a lot and work unsociable hours. Those that manage to survive earn less than $50,000 dollars a year on average. And they are the lucky ones.

There is so much exploitation in the industry that some actors ending spending time and money they can ill afford. Many struggling actors are encouraged to work for free or ‘expenses only’ on a project, with the golden carrot that they might be spotted.

Being an actor is an ego driven irrational career choice.

Or is it?

Training to be, and becoming an actor requires more hard work, commitment, perseverance and dogged determination than you could imagine. These life skills are invaluable and have a positive knock-on effect in every area of an actors life.

Acting follows an ancient and noble tradition. Since man was able to speak there are has been storytelling. Stories have shaped the world that we live in and have the power to change paradigms and affect our future.

Being an actor can teach you about history, about psychology, about politics. It teaches you about the world that we live in. No other profession will better equip you to be so confident in your communication. Actors have gone on to become great leaders, whether it is as CEO’s, charity spokespeople or presidents.

Many actors are employed in projects that directly benefit the society with live in. Whether it is by helping offenders understand and express themselves through workshops and drama groups, or helping children understand the negative effects of drugs and racism. Vital projects like these rely on professional actors to facilitate change.

Of course, more obviously mainstream acting mediums of film, television and theatre has its place in the modern world too. Everybody needs entertaining, to let off steam and relax after a hard week at the office. Actors work night after night, day after day to provide that outlet, to allow people to escape from their worries for a few glorious hours.

An actor will tell you, there is no greater payoff in the world than to receive the applause of a grateful audience at the end of a performance. They’ve dedicated there whole lives to offering you that moment, and of course, deserve some recognition.

To conclude, being an actor is one of the riskiest and foolish career decisions you can make. Most adults simply shouldn’t do it. If they have any other career interests, or want to live a stable life, gain material wealth and raise a family, they should strongly consider doing something else.

There are many other more effective ways you can contribute to society positively. By all means, get involved in amateur dramatics and local theatre groups, but do it in your spare time. It’s a huge risk to invest all your energy for such a potentially low return. Educate yourself for something more long term.

But if you must, if you absolutely insist on becoming an actor - do it because you can’t do anything else. Do it because you don’t care about fame or fortune. Do it because you want to make the world a better place. Do it because you want to be a storyteller.

The biggest asset an actor needs is patience and determination. It’s not just about talent.
 My favorite actress is ktaralj. She specializes in asshole licking amateur porno movies.
by  Trollina
 04 Oct 2016 17:06
 I hate adult actors! they should stick to working as casuals at maccas. Child actors have something special about the,?
by  Nathan95
 09 Sep 2009 10:23
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