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You Shouldn't Be Allowed To Buy Peanuts Under The Age Of 16
Hey, if you can't buy deodrant under the age of 16 for fear of you inhaling it, they shouldn't sell you peanuts. For all they know you could be allerigic and sucicidal.
 kitten  13 Mar 2011 06:50
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I agree - peanut allegies can be lethal-
 jmj0ker  19 Mar 2013 13:44
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Clearly, this is sarcastic. Your real qualms are with the deodorant, no? I think this is a point well made, although not entirely serious.
 Dadmad6  17 Feb 2013 17:01
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You have good reasoning with the deoderant.
 hasdass  26 Jul 2011 11:32
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You make an oustanding point. And that will leave more peanuts and peanut butter for me. Sorry kids.
 GrandCru  13 Mar 2011 06:57
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 You can have the peanut butter, but I'll have some salted peanuts ^^
by  kitten
 13 Mar 2011 07:18
Against it.
 higack  16 Jan 2015 13:13
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I disagree
 yusaki  24 Jun 2014 15:15
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Well, I would protest against that you're only putting the ban on peanuts. If someone is violently allergic to eggs, they could achieve the exact same effect. On top of that, you can kinda commit suicide with a lot of things and objects in a lot of ways, so not allowing someone to buy peanuts will not stop them committing suicide because, honestly, it's not the most convenient way to go about it.
 Spock314  03 Apr 2014 14:01
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This is the stupidest thing i have ever heard.
 SethMatrix  18 Jan 2014 20:29
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All i have to say is WHAT does peanuts have to do with legal issues they are a nut that is very high in protein and some people have serious allergic reaction when they get to close to it but people who have that allergy are very good at keeping it away even if it is a deodorant
 ronix10  11 Dec 2013 22:15
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Why ban them? If you shouldn't have them, don't get them.(peanuts)
 Red_Raven  25 Aug 2013 19:00
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They also shouldn't let you be anywhere near a street under 16 because YOU COULD BE SUICIDAL!
 Zillima  07 Jun 2013 03:36
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:O Well, you shouldnt ban peanuts, and they should ban deoterant, because you can make a deo bomb! Look it up
 theteen14  01 Mar 2013 13:51
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This is really stupid, I mean, you may as well say, 'You can't buy knives, or guns, or perfume, or ANYTHING! That can kill." We may as well live in a bubble.
 SirCthulhu  26 Nov 2012 19:23
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If you are suicidle and allergenic then someone who cares should notice and stop you before it happens. Also, who doesn't like peanut butter?
 thewhovian  27 Sep 2012 22:00
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This is just nonsense lol
 mscoxie  22 Aug 2012 20:40
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Someone is allergic to nearly everything. If we continued in this direction, no one would be able to buy anything.
 Shiny77  02 Aug 2012 19:26
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Isn't this kind of like saying you shouldn't cross a street cause you might get hit by a car?
 BrokenMind  14 May 2012 01:02
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Has anyone ever tried to commit suicide that way? If a teenager was suicidal, i think we should be much more concerned with them jumping off buildings or running into traffic
 Cheetahaha  13 May 2012 17:56
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What did peanuts do to you?
 Ilya  01 Mar 2012 20:22
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For all they know it might not be suicidal
 ryanrjlim  01 Feb 2012 08:02
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Noo it shouldnt
 FabGurl  29 Dec 2011 08:09
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Its a good point, but none of that stuff should be illegal to anybody. It would just be another way to control and conform us
 iLoveSyl  02 Oct 2011 11:32
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I have a close relative who has peanut allergies and even I think this is crazy. Even if the person has an adult with them, the Adult doesn't know if the child might have allergies or not.
 IWillTrump  24 Sep 2011 15:56
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We have far too many kids anyway. We need to weed them out more like they used to.
 finsch  10 Jul 2011 09:18
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You should not buy it if you are allergic to it but if you are not then why not
 maham123  10 Jul 2011 05:55
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It's a product that is available, if we want it we should have a right to it, no if's, and's or nuts. RED :) :) :)
 redmaster  31 May 2011 10:05
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WHY? Unless that person is allergic to peanuts, I don't see any problem not to buy peanuts...
 Athena_Owl  21 Mar 2011 16:28
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 because they may feed them to someone who IS allergic. Peanuts can kill!
by  damselfly
 10 Jul 2011 06:20
True, I believe
 hercules  16 Mar 2011 17:19
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I bet the vast majority of teenagers never had the idea of huffing deodorant until this ignorant law forced clerks to ask their age. That got them thinking. I'm sure it's done more harm than good.
 Ballsalsa  13 Mar 2011 14:58
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Peanuts that are 16 years old should not be fed to humans.
 AR454  13 Mar 2011 13:02
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 That's funny. You're in rare form today.
by  Ballsalsa
 13 Mar 2011 14:54
I'm sorry but that is just pathetic. Do we REALLY need to put restrictions on everything in the world because people are so vulnerable to abusing privledges?!?! If that is the case, i'm buying the first ticket to Mars!!! I WISH the people of this world would take some control over themselves, and empower themselves to be GOOD, honest, loving people. Not, manipulative, deceitful, horrible human beings.

If you need someone to check you out before buying deoderant, or peanuts, you have have major problems that need to be dealt with that WONT be fixed by an age limit.

Thats my story, and i'm stick'n to it.
 sconsol877  13 Mar 2011 08:01
 I only put this up to show how riduculous the deodorant law thing is. I'm just pointing out that if a 15 year old wants to buy deodorant to kill themselves with what stops a 15 year old peanut allergic child from doing the same in a different manner.
by  kitten
 13 Mar 2011 08:07
Is that in the UK? I think you can buy deordorant at any age in the US.
 artemis  13 Mar 2011 07:20
 I think so. At least I tried to buy deordorant when I was about 14/15 they asked my age, I told them and they said I couldn't buy it... which is strange because they let me buy it before from the same shop... maybe I looked depressed?
by  kitten
 13 Mar 2011 07:27
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