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With Pres. Trump In Charge Of America’s Nuclear Arsenal, I've Decided To Build A Nuclear Shelter.
I can not sleep at night . First Trump Bombs Syria, then a massive bomb in Afghanistan, and now he wants a preemptive strike on North Korea. HELP US, Lord! Anybody knows a list of good companies that build Nuclear Shelters? Thanks.
 lovely  14 Apr 2017 09:29
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The moderators let AR kill it off. So he did
 damselfly  18 Apr 2017 06:20
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 No miss fly the site has gone into sleep mode lol
by  Tomcat
 19 Apr 2017 11:49
That was the mother of all bombs in Afganistan. These are very worrying times :(
 Tomcat  14 Apr 2017 11:18
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