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With AR On This Site, How Great Would It Be If Hillary Did Have To Bow Out And Bernie Sanders Became President.
AR would lose whatever is left of his mind. He would be praying Obama would come back. I laugh just thinking about it.
 justsumguy  09 Sep 2015 19:54
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I can already imagine the avatars and teases from him. "BS". "Weekend at Bernie's" brain dead President. "Pinko Commy." "Colonel Sanders Chicken". Some of those are a stretch but his nicknames are usually even more of a stretch.
 Grenache  10 Sep 2015 09:27
 Good one Gren.
I can see Colonel Sanders likes darkmeat.

Wow. Darkmeat, two words is banned. lol
by  justsumguy
 10 Sep 2015 23:22
Wah ha ha ha!
 damselfly  10 Sep 2015 04:35
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Lol That would be pretty awesome. Bernie isn't even afraid to label himself in part, a socialist.

I wonder what's worse--a woman or a socialist? To Be Continued! Lol
 Damien  09 Sep 2015 23:59
 Duh Damien, we've already had the worst. A president that wasn't white.
by  artemis
 10 Sep 2015 06:37
That would be heaven on earth. Not so much because I care about Cal but, because I would love to see Bernie win.
 artemis  09 Sep 2015 20:19
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Actually, Bernie has much more coherence than Hillary in his views and integrity. He is a better person, albeit very misled.
 charlee  10 Sep 2015 22:07
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 Yeah, we wouldn't want a good person who doesn't think private ownership should run everything. Yucky Poo.
by  justsumguy
 10 Sep 2015 23:26
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