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People Shouldn't Be Labeled By What They Wear
Okay I'm the type of person who loves bright colors I'm unique but simple colored tee and under tank and jeans and flip flops and considering the fact i wear those clothes instead of like skin and famous tapout hostility and etc should i be labeled wrongly because I'm a female dirtbiker who presents her self differently I'm probably one of the best female racers at racetown 360
 TAY_BLONDE  16 Jul 2008 12:43
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You are pretty lucky too in modern states where you can go far with expressing yourself.
 gottfried  15 Mar 2009 16:53
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Shouldn't be but are judged on appearances alone.

As far as liking bright colors and dressing uniquely, so do I. Nothing wrong with bright colors and simple clothing worn specially.

(I do not drive a dirt-bike myself, but if you do I do not judge your for it. Some of us just are not motorcycle people, but nice people nonetheless).
 AssetParis  18 Feb 2009 19:06
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Ok, but their clothes DO have labels so....everyone, therefore, IS "labelled".......*he he*
 sylverwyld  06 Nov 2008 04:36
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I always wear pants showing underwear
 bub  22 Jul 2008 06:54
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If someone dresses in dog collars, chains, all black, and eyeliner that is two inches thick then ya I'm going to assume they are either goth or emo. Or if they dress in shorts/sweats, tennis shoes, and sports tee shirts then I'm going to assume that they are jocks. If people don't like what they're labeled then they should have a change in style, or attitude, or even friends.
 1993tress  17 Jul 2008 20:39
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That's true but the hillarious irony is the clothes people wear have become walking billboards for different product brands, sports teams, schools, etc. If you don't want to be labelled for what you wear then stop wearing labels.
 Grenache  17 Jul 2008 18:36
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I do think people should be labeled by what they wear...because......i don't want my dolce & Gabbana flip-flops.....to be compared...to a pair of wal-mart flip-flops....other wise i wouldn't have my parents fork out the money for them....
 Preppyboi4  16 Jul 2008 20:43
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Dress like a scene kid and you'll be labelled as such. Dress as an antelope and the lion will go for you. Dress bright and birds won't eat you. It's been that way for a very long time, and humans are just animals. We see something that looks out of place, we'll assume things.
 Snipex  16 Jul 2008 15:01
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Of course people should be labelled by what they wear it's a status-symbol! That's why some idiots pay a fortune for a designer label.
 joe9  16 Jul 2008 14:42
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If you’re worried about being labeled then dress like everyone else. If you like wearing what you like wearing then learn not to care what people think because you can’t change them.
 finsch  24 Jul 2008 22:47
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Because it doesn't fit like that i walk around with different stuff on its just a way for people to express them selves you shouldn't label them on their appearances its whats inside that actually counts
 jacqueline  16 Jul 2008 16:14
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It is a bit unfortunate that people ware their garments to show who they are. The only way not to be labeled is for all of us to ware the same and that is not going to happen is it.
 keepmindok  16 Jul 2008 13:27
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