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"White" Is The New "Gay".
It's very politically incorrect to use the word "gay" in a derogatory manner. My good friend trey has perhaps inadvertently started a new trend. When something is seen as bad or a behavior is undesirable, it should be called "white" from now on. If you don't agree you are just white.
 Ballsalsa  09 Mar 2011 15:58
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Someone needs to tell RuPaul he's white now.
 finsch  10 Mar 2011 10:30
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It is.
 trey  10 Mar 2011 08:09
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And Trey is the new Leroy.
 AR454  09 Mar 2011 17:29
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 Exactly. It's almost too much isn't it?
by  artemis
 09 Mar 2011 17:32
That's mighty white of you.
 artemis  09 Mar 2011 16:06
 now that just hurts my feelings.
by  Ballsalsa
 09 Mar 2011 16:09
Oh look I've posted on the wrong side. I misread 'gay' for 'gray.' I definitely want gray shoes. Gay ones too
 damselfly  09 Mar 2011 17:17
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