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Which Is More Important Fashion Or Beauty?
FASHION - FOR BEAUTY - AGAINST i wanna see what you lot think (:
 Chaaaz  18 Jul 2011 13:42
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Natural beauty is better. People nowadays can get plastic surgery, push up bras, wigs, hair extensions, colored contacts, tight underclothing to make you look thinner, etc... Why lie to everyone that see's you? Especially if you want a relationship? They go to sleep with you while your a 6', 100 pound, blonde haired, blue eyed, D cup woman, and wake up to a 5'6", 120 pound, brunette, green eyed, C cup. That's not right.
 yusaki  19 Jul 2011 12:27
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I think too many people think both are important.
 Melissa23  19 Jul 2011 08:06
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