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Where Are They Now?
These 23 celebrities said they would move from America if Trump won.
 AR454  10 Feb 2017 22:55
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Back in September 2016, 23 celebrities said they would be leaving the country if Donald Trump were elected president. Given that Trump was indeed elected, I thought it would be fun to check in and see if any of these celebrities had stayed true to their word.

It’s time to find out: Have they decided that America is actually already pretty great?
 AR454  10 Feb 2017 22:55
 1. Jon Stewart

Where was he headed? Another planet.

Where is he now? Still on earth.

2. Chelsea Handler

Where was she headed? Spain. (Kudos for the originality, Chelsea.)

Where is she now? Still in the USA. Shortly after the election, Handler is currently filming season 2 of her show for Netflix.

3. Neve Campbell

Where was she headed? Canada. (She’s a Canadian native and a Canadian citizen.)

Where is she now? Still in the United States. On Thanksgiving, she posted a message on Instagram imploring people to try to see eye-to-eye despite the divisive times.

4. Barry Diller

Where was he headed? “Out of the country.”

Where is he now? Diller appears to still be in the United States.

5. Lena Dunham

Where was she headed? Vancouver.

Where is she now? The United States, and posting a ton of rainbows on Instagram to cope with the upcoming inauguration.

6. Keegan-Michael Key

Where was he headed? Canada.

Where is he now? Not Canada.

Thank you @KeeganMKey and @DannyDeVito for joining us at the #RFKennedyGala last night! pic.twitter.com/UFNq4jtmti

— Kerry Kennedy (@KerryKennedyRFK) December 7, 2016

7. Chloë Sevigny

Where was she headed? Nova Scotia.

Where is she now? She appears to still be in the USA and has quite a few movies coming out in 2017.

8. Al $harpton

Where was he headed? “Out of here.”

Where is he now? Given that he’ll be appearing at a protest on Thursday, I’m going to say he’s still living in the U.S.

9. Natasha Lyonne

Where was she headed? A mental hospital.

Where is she now? …not a mental hospital. (According to her Twitter, she’s in the U.K.)

10. Eddie Griffin

Where was he headed? Africa.

Where is he now? Baltimore.
First @ComedyGetDown of 2017 smashed it! #Baltimore came to #GetDown with Me, @RealDLHughley @georgelopez @charliemurphy & @CedEntertainer ! pic.twitter.com/EmLDE5lqFc

— Eddie Griffin (@EddieGriffinCom) January 14, 2017

11. Spike Lee

Where was he headed? Brooklyn.

Where is he now? Brooklyn!

12. Amber Rose

Where was she headed? “Out!”

Where is she now? USA.

13. Samuel L. Jackson

Where was he headed? South Africa.

Where is he now? Not entirely sure, but these tweets don’t look like someone who is leaving any time soon. (language warning)

Why y’all so anxious for me to leave?! I pay More Taxes than All U Trumpafukkaz… Him too!!

— Samuel L. Jackson (@SamuelLJackson) November 14, 2016

14. Cher

Where was she headed? Jupiter.

Where is she now? Not Jupiter. (She’ll be partaking in the Women’s March on Washington.)

15. George Lopez

Where was he headed? Mexico.

Where is he now? He’s got tour dates throughout the U.S. for most of 2017.

16. Barbra Streisand

Where was she headed? Australia or Canada.

Where is she now? She does not appear to have moved to either Australia or Canada.

7. Raven-Symonè

Where was she headed? Canada, and she had already purchased tickets.

Where is she now? She’s still in the United States.

18. Whoopi Goldberg

Where was she headed? Somewhere that’s not the United States.

Where is she now? Goldberg is still in the U.S. and will be heading to Walt Disney World this March to film episodes of The View.

19. Omari Hardwick

Where was she headed? Italy.

Where is she now? His Twitter bio says he’s “currently in New York.”

20. Miley Cyrus

Where was she headed? Anywhere, “leaving.”

Where is she now? California. To Cyrus’ credit, she posted a picture on Instagram after Trump’s victory saying that it was important to be “accepting” of his presidency to help unify the country.

21. Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Where was she headed? New Zealand.

Where is she now? Still on the bench of the United States Supreme Court.

22. Amy Schumer

Where was she headed? Spain.

Where is she now? America. She now says that her threat to move to Spain was a joke.

23. Katie Hopkins

Where was she headed? The USA. (She’s British.)

Where is she now? Still in the U.K.

In sum: It looks as though most dip-shiite Liberals are just all talk and no action.
by  AR454
 10 Feb 2017 22:55
You take this to seriously.
 WellHeck  21 Feb 2017 13:53
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