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We Can Save And Even Make Money On Taxes By Simply Legalizing Cannabis While Greatly Damaging The Mexican And American Drug Cartels.
Yes, it is that simple.
 moreno  14 Jun 2011 10:18
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Many states have already started decriminalizing Marijuana for the simple fact that they can't afford to pay for the prison fees and they don't care much that particular criminal element. More states than ever also have legalization bills on the docket for the same reasons. They figure if the federal government wants to make such a big deal about it then they can pay to enforce it. It is funny to me that after all these years it turns out to be about the money.
 finsch  14 Jun 2011 17:07
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Every 38 seconds someone is arrested for a marijuana offense in the U.S. The government has to spend billions and billions of dollars funding law enforcement, putting money into the court systems, and paying to feed and house non-violent "criminals".

It's pathetic for the government, in this day and age, to take someone's freedom away for smoking a harmless natural drug when addictive cancerous and health adverse garbage is regulated like tobacco, alcohol, and big macs.

If we legalized marijuana it would take power and money away from criminal organizations, it would dramatically cut transnational crime between Mexico and the U.S (saving many lives), and the substance would be harder to get for those under age.

The only reason marijuana is illegal is because of a guy named William Hearst who used his prowess as a newspaper tycoon to demonize the substance and buy out political officials. When a machine made it efficient to manufacture paper from hemp (popular mechanics called hemp the new billion dollar cash crop in the 30"s) Hearst was threatened with competition and thus rejected and corrupted the American ideal of free enterprise. In fact, at one time it was illegal for a farmer not to grow hemp.

Hemp can make 4 times as much paper than timber, it can be used as an efficient bio-fuel (the first ford car was made out of hemp and ran on it), it can be used as construction materials and rope, and it has a numerous array of medicinal capabilities from halting the progression of cancer, spurring brain cell growth, preventing dementia, and vanquishing depression and anxiety.

It's time to stop all the ignorance, lies, and corruption.
 verum  14 Jun 2011 15:40
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 One of my facebook friends, Christie O'Brien, is a champion of medical marijuana legalization in Alabama. She recently posted this:

Why I continue to fight.

I have lived with and suffered from chronic pain for 24 years. One night in August 1987...I was involved in a one car accident where I was the only survivor of 5. I was 17.

I suffered multiple injuries...including a fractured neck and back...and a traumatic brain injury. In a coma for 2 weeks...I was fed Morphine through an IV every few minutes...24 hours a day. After months of grueling rehabilitation...both physical and psychological...I was able to return to high school and graduate.

I began my freshman year at the University of South Alabama. There I met a medical student who told me a little about the medical uses of marijuana and he gave me a joint. I felt relaxed and at ease...but not stupefied. I could still sense the deep scars of my damaged nerves...but I was somehow distanced from the pain in a way that Morphine didn't offer. I slept more soundly than I had since the crash.

I began using marijuana...when available. I was able to live a somewhat functional life...but still required and was prescribed narcotic pain medications and anti-depressant drugs to manage the constant pain and psychological trauma I experienced. Marijuana was illegal. I reached a point where the side effects of the narcotics became horrific...and I didn't feel like the same person anymore. I became 'numb'...and my quality of life slowly diminished. I became unable to work in 2005.

I continued to use narcotics and other pain meds prescribed by my doctors. All of the drugs I had been given by seemed to depress my mind and body...and the addictive quality of the narcotics created numerous and unpleasant psychological effects. Over the years...I have gradually replaced prescription medications with the use of marijuana. Unlike narcotics...marijuana use imparted positive mental and physical stimulation...euphoria...that has completely encouraged my recovery.With the use of marijuana replacing sensory-depriving narcotics...I found myself flourishing far beyond the original expectations of my doctors.

75% of all medical marijuana is recommended by doctors for patients with chronic pain. I strongly feel that I should have the right to choose the least harmful medication that will relieve my pain. However in Alabama...my home state...it is illegal and I remain a criminal. Although chronic pain will always be a part of my life...medical marijuana has allowed me to manage it...providing safe and effective relief. It has given me my quality of life back.
by  Ballsalsa
 17 Jun 2011 13:11
Balls said it.
It's a no-brainer and would make a huge impact on the world.
But the pharmaceuticals are the new mafia and they won't have anyone cutting into their cash cow.
I would love to know the real figures on how many of these moral right-wingers are hooked on pharmaceuticals. The numbers would be staggering.
Mood altering drugs are widespread amongst our moral friends.
But don't worry, they can handle their drugs because they follow their dealers directions to the tee..
 justsumguy  14 Jun 2011 15:37
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 It's not just the pharmaceutical companies that are threatened. Hemp could revolutionize numerous industries causing more competition and ultimately threatening the security of large powerful businesses.

The private prison industry would be particularly angry because then they wouldn't get all the funding to take care of easy to control non violent marijuana offenders.
by  verum
 14 Jun 2011 15:46
Let's face it, if the government could tax folks for having sex, taking a dump, farting or you name it, they would do so in a heart beat.
 charlee  14 Jun 2011 11:52
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You can count on all of the ills that ending prohibition of alcohol accomplished, to also follow for ending marijuana prohibition. The only difference I see is that drug companies will have their profits severely cut into. But that's why it's illegal to begin with.
 Ballsalsa  14 Jun 2011 11:48
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It won't change anything, the cartels will simply switch to other drugs or criminal activities. You simply cannot make everything legal. Legalizing it won't reduce crime at all, it will actually make things worse.
 Cephus  14 Jun 2011 22:53
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 The fact that they are switching to another drug is changing. It will reduce crime and give me an example where it won't and make things worse. Please site some sources to defend your position.
by  moreno
 15 Jun 2011 05:12
We can also save money by legalizing child prostitution, pedophilia, rape, and so on, but some of us care about other things in this world besides money.
 dlmiller82  14 Jun 2011 20:11
 Moreno is not suggesting that we do any of that, just that we legalise cannabis. Personally, I can't see a problem with cannabis use. If people want to smoke weed why shouldn't they be allowed to?
by  Occultdude
 14 Jun 2011 20:17
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