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War Is Necessary
Is war really necessary for the country to develop?
 Nikhil  16 Jun 2012 11:23
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Yes, war is often totally pointless. But you do have to admit that it bought down the Nazis, the Fascists, the Communists, the Imperialists and it freed the slaves. So it isn't always pointless.
 pollywog  18 Jun 2012 19:20
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I'm totally for it cuz two people even if they start a war have the right to do whatever they think is right!!
 Nikhil  17 Jun 2012 07:15
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It isn't necessary, but due to people's greed, it will always exist.
 proby96  29 Jun 2012 05:30
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No, I think war is pointless. It's a waste of lives, money and resources. It destroys lives and to be honest I don't think it helps develop any country. It just destroys the country instead.
 Rainbow_x  16 Jun 2012 15:07
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Depends on the situation, however, in this day and age, it gets you nothing much.
 Antares  16 Jun 2012 12:47
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