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Vegetarians Who Don't Eat Meat Because Eating Meat Is "cruel" And "murder" Is Just Setting Up A Double Standard.
What's the difference? You're killing organisms for your own consuming pleasure.
 Antares  12 Nov 2011 01:53
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It's absolutely ridiculous that people will not eat meat in order to lessen suffering, yet they will use animal based products. It's entirely hypocritical.
 kns9395  15 Nov 2011 19:41
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 Exactly. If God didn't want us to eat animals, why did he make them out of meat?
by  damselfly
 09 Jan 2012 14:27
In order to live, life must be consumed. We cant eat rocks.
 Tsuksa  12 Nov 2011 19:20
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I agree. I'm sure other people on this site will have something to say about it.
 IWillTrump  12 Nov 2011 02:04
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-Many parts of plants that we eat are designed to be eaten for seed distribution, incl. Fruit, grain etc.
-Plants do not have a nervous or hormonal system and so it is very unlikely that they can feel either pain or physical pleasure
-Even if plants do experience some kind of physical suffering, vegetarianism/veganism is the lesser evil, since animals are far more aware of their physical surroundings and have far more developed stimulus-response systems and so will probably suffer more
-There are many other reasons to be vegetarian, such as health and environmental reasons
 Copsonator  16 Jan 2012 12:18
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No one has stated the obvious: Plants do not feel pain, have emotions, nor even have neurons and a brain. I'm not a vegetarian, just throwing it out there.
 Vel  09 Jan 2012 05:53
 and yet they respond well to stimuli like music.
by  Antares
 10 Jan 2012 00:11
Well it's sort of halfing the suffering because the grass gets eaten alive by the cow first before the cow gets killed by a human.

Being a vegetarian means only the plant gets killed (unless you are taking off beans, peas, strawberries, oranges etc. Which are meant to come off anyway).
 Leo110  12 Nov 2011 21:16
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 You've still got to kill a hell load of plants to maintain healthy
by  Antares
 12 Nov 2011 21:55
I don't think you can really define eating a lettuce or eating a cow as being the same-thing.

I do however find it difficult people justifying vegetarianism as a less cruel dietary alternative if they are not prepared to give up dairy products as these are only available because of animal culling in the first place.
 nemomonopo  12 Nov 2011 04:45
 Why not? Both have feelings, both suffer when you rip their limbs/appendages off. Plants grow well in certain types of music. Cows too become healthier with music. Just because something can't scream doesn't mean that it doesn't suffer.
by  Antares
 12 Nov 2011 05:19
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