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Using Responsible Alternative Fuels Decreases The Amount Of Auto Emissions And Pollutants.
I think we the united states should start making better choices! WE need to use alternative fuels so we can help save our environment and keep people and basically the environment a clean and safe place! By using ethanol and other alternative fuel sources we cut down on lots of things. 1. The amount of money we spend on gas 2. Less auto emissions 3. Cut down on the risk of hurting our ozone layer 4. Cut down on the risk of hurting us!
 timmercj  24 Jan 2008 16:43
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When blended with gasoline for use as a vehicle fuel, ethanol can offer some emissions benefits over gasoline, depending on vehicle type, engine calibration, and blend level. As with conventional fuels, the use and storage of ethanol blends can result in emissions of regulated pollutants, toxic chemicals, and greenhouse gases
Fuel Injectors
 prajeet  28 May 2013 07:27
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If diesel counts as alternative, I'm in.
 M_Power  28 Feb 2008 01:47
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I definitely agree with this debate. Not only in the USA, but for people all over the world. We really do need to begin to use fuel alternatives. Things such as global warming is beginning to occur, so we need to take measures to prevent this. One way would be to use alternative fuel options. With the prices of regular gas today, you would have to be crazy not to want a cheaper alternative. Not only is alternative gas options cheaper on the pocket, it is healthier for our environment and will help slow the global warming rate. Something needs to be done now and this is a great starting point.
 Flash  25 Jan 2008 19:39
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About time, too, that the US got off its collective butt and made some contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. If the States made even half the effort that has already taken place in Europe it would have a profound effect on slowing global warming. Johnny come latelys as usual.

To say the United States shouldn’t make any attempt to switch to alternative fuels because gas stations would need to spend some money is ludicrous. I don’t recall any gas stations going belly up when unleaded was introduced here in the UK. They simply used existing tanks by reducing the number of pumps offering other types of fuel. Hardly a showstopper in anyone’s book.
 vulgaris  25 Jan 2008 16:02
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Of course! Global warming IS REAL! And people need to realize what is going to happen to them if they don't stop killing our earth!
 pebbels  24 Jan 2008 23:16
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It's a wonderful idea!!
 timmercj  24 Jan 2008 16:43
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 I'm weird, but you think all my posts are about you?!? Have you ever heard of the term stalker? Seriously why don't you and your buddy find something else to do. I have the right to freedom of speech as well. Seriously not everything is about you. I made a post about something that has nothing to do with you, yet you again think it's about you. That's just sad.
by  baconbust
 27 Jan 2008 22:07
I don't feel we are spreading accurate knowledge about emission dangers they are being blown way out of proportion. Plus when we switch over to using ethanol it has harmed many engines and forced corn and feed prices way up.
 fairie  29 Jul 2009 21:13
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 Since this debate's last comment before you was a year and a half ago you might be better off just starting a similar debate of your own rather than trying to breath life into this one.
by  finsch
 29 Jul 2009 21:17
Yeah, uh I have the right to freedom of speech, along with bacon bust. So I'm going to exercise that right. I DON'T AGREE!
 Fromwithin  27 Jan 2008 22:25
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by  baconbust
 27 Jan 2008 22:28
Whose willing to build these new "fuel" stations, and how much will this cost? Like what about how it effects our economy?

So basically all of this stuff comes out of the tax payers pocket, just like everything else. With what little money we have, we should just deal because it makes the world a better place. No I don't think so.
 baconbust  24 Jan 2008 23:54
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 were already in debt billions of dollars....and the U.S is spending there money on thing we don't need! but we NEED to make our world a better place to live! and this is a good start!!
by  timmercj
 25 Jan 2008 01:55
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