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Trump Stimulates USA Industry!
Trump is imposing heavy taxes on off shore USA industries while giving huge tax reductions for USA industries established in the United States of America. This will definitely boost the U.S. Economy!
 Tomcat  23 Jan 2017 17:09
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Sargon of Akkad makes a good argument for why Trump's economic reforms are necessary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCvyg679bsg
 OD  25 Jan 2017 16:59
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 Yup that's the way to stimulate the USA's economy by creating jobs! ;)
by  Tomcat
 25 Jan 2017 17:28
Sounds like a good idea, in principle. But now let's see how the economy goes.
 Grenache  25 Jan 2017 12:38
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 Trump has already boosted the U.S. steel industry giving the green light to two oil pipe lines stretching from Canada to Texas as long as they use American produced steel. He's putting money in the pocket of U.S. Workers which can only boost the U.S. Economy!
by  Tomcat
 25 Jan 2017 14:31
Goods produced in the USA will be much cheaper than those American industries producing goods abroad!
 Tomcat  23 Jan 2017 17:12
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We're only a month into the presidency, too soon to tell his long term effects on our economy.
 toonces24  13 Feb 2017 13:59
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 He's sticking to his manifesto which should stimulate the US economy at the end of the day! :)
by  Tomcat
 13 Feb 2017 15:08
F trump i hat him and his ugly hair
 nufcboy  24 Jan 2017 00:33
by  OD
 24 Jan 2017 18:40
No way trumps bad soooo bad
 Anisboy  24 Jan 2017 00:29
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 i diagree f trump
by  Anisboy
 24 Jan 2017 00:35
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