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Nuclear War With North Korea: 'If China Decides To Help, That Would Be Great. If Not, We Will Solve The Problem Without Them!' Thomson Reuters Posted: Apr 11, 2017 12:08 PM
There's a hard rain going to fall. Donald Trump says that he will solve the problem with or without China's help!
 Tomcat  11 Apr 2017 16:53
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You are in Limbo with President Trump. And your President is taking all Americans to hell with his lies.
 jacque  12 Apr 2017 11:11
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I honestly don't think it will happen. North Korea has been making threats forever and are incapable of doing any real damage to the US. I don't think the US will use nuclear weapons in response. That seems unnecessary and excessive. Though war, nuclear or not, does not bode well for North Korea regardless of China's involvement.
 Deonatus  12 Apr 2017 04:35
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North Korea said any sign of aggression by the USA will result in a nuclear war as US war ships head towards the Korean Peninsula.
 Tomcat  11 Apr 2017 16:58
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