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True Friendship Should Not Have Money Involved.
There should be no business or monetized benefits between true friends, because money can easily make friendship become disgusting and not geniune.
 hitomi  27 Nov 2007 11:47
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Money can destroy friendships :( it has not happened to me but I know it can.
 Bluedog8  30 Sep 2016 21:16
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Money can't buy friendship, you must earn it.
 XxCrytalxX  30 Nov 2012 23:26
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True friends arent based on money.
 ArianaG  21 Nov 2012 06:08
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My "friend" from 2 or 3 yrs ago bought me jewellery and lunch and everything but no one else liked her and hey warned me about her but I never listened and my heart was broken when she left and took heaps of my stuff and she also stole my money so never be friends with someone if it's just for money!!!
 Monkeygirl  12 Sep 2012 07:23
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Friendships aren't supposed to based on money, but on trust.
 maeannie88  04 Apr 2012 07:47
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If you are a true friend then your money is given freely without expectation of return. If a few dollars makes you hate a friend, you weren't friends to begin with. A shoulder to cry on, a partner to get in trouble with, a companion to laugh with... These things are priceless, so how can you determine a value that makes them no longer worth it?
 Nicosmom  22 Nov 2011 00:58
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Money isn't friends
 Peace77  17 Mar 2011 15:53
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I know you meant that friendship should not be built on money, or rescued through money(unless the fight was repaying a loan), and I'm totally for that. But it kinda came out like there should be NO money involved in friendship for good or bad. But I know what you meant, so you're right.
 qazwsxedc  14 Mar 2011 18:00
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Friends are your friends and they're always at your side and to pay them back is to be at their side.
 starnight  14 Dec 2010 15:07
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Money cant buy frendship
greed (money) is the root of all evil
in times of hardship comes frenship
these r jus examples of how $ is portrayed to ruin stuff. I guess when we r comfortable enuf to ask for loans, we'll take it fer granted tt its done in the shoes of a fren. As such i tink i agree with u =D
 guesswhome  18 Jul 2010 16:47
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Friendship should come from the inside natuarlly and not to be enhanced by money. If money is used, then wouldnt Obama have the most friends and we normal people the least?
 Dawnfire  24 Mar 2010 13:45
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Your right you cant buy friendship
 discochick  08 Jan 2010 18:07
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 yeah you can jk
by  TheFool650
 28 May 2010 03:58
I agree because you can know who a true friend is by the size of there heart not there wallet.
 jms27613  10 Dec 2009 17:42
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I believe that this is completely true.
 Cemetary  02 Dec 2009 15:06
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Money should not have anything to do with true friendships..money doenst buy friends because when you run out of money than the friends you tried to buy are just gunna leave you because you ran out of money..
 Mandaz17  20 Nov 2009 14:14
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Top 5 no no's no order.
Friends borrowing money
going into business together
dating an ex
playing truth or dare drunk w/o the dare part
just hooking up
 toni  29 Oct 2009 23:39
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 Wise advice.
by  my2cents2u
 29 Oct 2009 23:56
Money cannot buy relationships....!
 bloom  07 Jun 2009 19:22
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I don't even know why friendship needs money, its much better with out of it
 Psihopatul  29 May 2009 17:19
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That's the honest truth
 missamour  19 Mar 2009 20:07
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Yeah i believe that
 troyl84  04 Mar 2009 02:29
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I'm with you
 ammiediaz  01 Mar 2009 19:07
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Your so right! Some people are just friends with you because you have something you have! For example when i was 6 years old I was best friends with this kid named Tray well how ever he only wanted this new bionicle i had but when he got his own for his birthday he never talked to me again!
That is not true friendship! :)
 cameras  21 Jan 2009 17:09
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I agree with you. Some people will form friendship just because a person has money. This is not true friendship. They are in it for what ever benefits they can reap.
 menhim1967  05 Jan 2009 02:49
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Money does change everything
 RUBYJEAN28  26 Oct 2008 21:22
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Both for and against at one and the same time:

1. Money exchange? Prostitution. Business-transaction.
That is not personal, it is business.
Where could there be any confusion in that?

2. If the one, the target/man, pick your own label to stick on him
as you like, anyway, the target? If he LOVES this is better said
as CARES FOR of ABOUT you/the woman, we are assuming
a gender-recipient here - assuming - he will WANT to, even
TRY to ensure her physical-survival: If he is to expect to
have her remain alive - to hold.....another day.

So it is both sides, equally for , and also at one and the same time, against. Impartial judgement.
 RagTatter  11 Oct 2008 20:38
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A true friend would be someone who'd have your back no matter what, not your wallet. Their economical standing would not matter at all if they were a real friend.
 emokid832  07 Jul 2008 09:59
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I agree because if you need money then he or she layen you
 tay0921  20 Jun 2008 20:21
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True Friendship should not have money involved. A true friend could b someone who is poorer than u but have a great emotional personality that u like.
 skinnyjean  17 Jun 2008 00:49
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I agree. A real friend will be your friend rather you are rich or poor. A real friend would not judge you by the money you have or the value of your possessions. Good friends also help each other out financially, however, the friendship should be based on rather you have money or give money to your friend. If a friend is constantly asking you for money, then maybe they are only using you and this would not be a good friend. However, a real friend would be there for you rather you have money or not. Money should never determine a friendship. Money is the root of all evil in life.
 Flash  16 Jun 2008 13:48
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I agree....this just happened to me. I loaned a good friend, who claimed she was absolutely desperate, $500 to help out her new boyfriend who was having house payment problems. She promised to pay me back by 5/22 and hasn't paid me a dime. I got lots of excuses and now she won't return phone calls. Am I pissed? Of course, but I'm actually glad it happened. It showed me the type of person that she really is, and I don't need that kind of person in my life. And, in my mind, she's the loser here...she lost a friend that would do anything for her. She has needed me many times before (and not for money) and I've been her only "real" friend for quite some time. I can live without the $500- it's an acceptable loss to learn the truth.
 scorpioCH  25 May 2008 02:31
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You are right, but it happens so much anyway. If people didn't care about the money when they look for a good relationship it would be a much better relationship than if they looked for people with a lot of money because they might give some to them. This is because if they weren't looking for money, they would have the time to get to know the person and see if they were really nice or not.
 lavatis  12 May 2008 20:50
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Money should become between anything but sad enough it does all the time in these days.
 blazer1968  06 May 2008 23:10
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I agree because what happens if the person you married and has kids with ends up becoming dirt poor what are you going to do? Devorce him/her , drag the kids through the endless custody battles and fights and have them readjust to a new parent who would rather send them off to a boarding school way far away? I'm sorry but that is just in human to put kids through that just because the person is durt poor.
 MM92  27 Apr 2008 04:16
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Yes,because their friendship is still worthless if they depends on money.their friendship would probably not work because of money,besides,many friendship are ruined because of money.
 sah01  26 Apr 2008 23:05
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I fully agree. If you are really true friends why would there even be money involved???
 isabella33  09 Apr 2008 16:58
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There is a lot more to this than just money.. There's trust.. Your judgement of character.. Etc.. There's an argument to be made of course.. But if you're a comfortable person.. You know your friends and yourself well enough you wouldn't put yourself in the position to be taken advantage of.. But at times if a trust worthy friend needs help and you decide to help its your decision and there is nothing wrong with financial help.. Money doesn't always need to be looked at in a negative way and put in so many biased and hypothetical situations.. Because arguments and hypothetical situations can be made from both sides.. It all boils down to the circumstances..
 annndreww  21 Sep 2014 02:21
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I'm on the fence simply because the title's too vague to properly state my stance. The headline sort of clears it up but the title's very broad. In general, the presence of money in a friendship doesn't automatically discredit it. Money may be considered the root of all evil but it's not inherently bad. As a matter of fact, involving money in your friendship may even strengthen it. If a friend's in need of a loan, being there for them and helping them out with a loan could allow them to appreciate you, more. In these cases, a true friendship actually SHOULD involve money. Don't know if any other situations exist.
 Shanon  20 Dec 2010 10:09
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I agree with griffin318 a good friendship should have no problems with money if they aretrue good friends but if you arent very good friends then money isnt a good idea.
 TheFool650  28 May 2010 03:53
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True friends shouldn't have a problem with money.

In the real world though, a transaction (loans) between friends usually strains the relationship. Many times forever.
 griffin318  27 Feb 2010 06:17
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Nah, it completely depends on the two friends -- some can handle money arrangements and some can't.

And I just want to say I see this topic is from November 2007 and that makes it the oldest topic I've ever seen on this site in my time here.
 Grenache  04 Jul 2009 02:19
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OH YES !! Just ask any merried woman how UNIMPORTANT money is in her LOVING relationship with her husband!!!
 ZMAN4U2HVE  04 Jul 2009 01:00
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 wrong side...
by  ArianaG
 21 Nov 2012 06:07
If it's a true friendship surely it can cope with money being involved... Can anyone lend me a fiver?
 Bigmouth  20 Jun 2008 17:01
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Love with a prostitute !! Of course monies involved. How else would you get laid?
 Nicky_D  20 Jun 2008 16:58
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What is your definition of a true friend. I agree but you phrased the correction strangely for me
 Nando  06 Jun 2008 19:52
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It depends, but I assume that the question is talking about the bad types of money-friend situations.
 mastermov  26 May 2008 03:49
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I don't agree, not all relationships between friends are the same. Two rich people: Obviously they wouldn't have to worry about money with each other. One poor and one rich: The rich one might be tempted to help the poor one support his/her self. Two poor: I'd say this one is a bit iffy there is a need of money on both sides and also a lack of money so there might be a bit of mooching or there might be common agreement of no mooching.
 Smito  05 May 2008 14:35
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For some, money is a taboo. Between friends, it should not be forbidden to talk about money, in an intelligent way.
If a friend of mine needs money, I will probably lend him some.
If I am short, I will be glad if my best friend can help me.
Of course, perfect honesty must prevail; no double-crossing or lies.
 Garamond  05 May 2008 14:21
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 couldn't have said it better, americans are obsessed with money, understandable since keeping up with the jones' is the only true american religon these days. But if you are talking true friends then it doesn't matter, because a true friend is way more worried about the comfort of their buddy then they are the condition of their wallet.
by  clarkkent
 16 Jul 2009 15:36
Disagree here, if friendship cannot handle something as small as help or gifts then was it ever a real friendship, true friendship shouldn't have pride involved.
 Bacchus  29 Apr 2008 21:38
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True friendship means that you are there to support that person through thick and thin. What if that person experiences a financial difficulty? Would it not be alright to help them out? Wouldn't that make you a good friend?
 The_Alex  01 Feb 2008 02:28
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I disagree with this. A true friend will never use you for money; however, a true friend will be someone who will always be there to help you in anyway and the help may be financial. Many friends help each other out financially. A true friend would do whatever it take to help you out. Therefore I disagree that there should be no monetary help between friends. It is true that money can destroy a friendship, but only if the friends allow it to happen. Good friends would never allow money to come between them and destroy their friendship.
 Professor  30 Jan 2008 21:07
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Yes they should sometimes to help their friend out in a economical problem. Money is also important because if you want to go get coffee or something and your saying friendship isn't based on money how are you going to buy that coffee
 bobbilly  28 Jan 2008 22:34
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I don't agree with this. Friends help each other out in difficult situations and this can involve financial situations. If I had enough money and I could see that a friend was struggling financially, then I would certainly help them out.

If a friend took advantage of my generosity and kept demanding money from me, then that I'd know that they weren't a true friend. I'd never make that mistake though because I'd only ever lend out money to people that I believe would not abuse the friendship, which means that I would be reassured that money was not the foundations of the friendship.

You do have to be careful with money and yes, some people will try to take advantage if you have lots of it. Your true friends, however, would not.

No friendship is perfect. Friends will argue and there may be many problems but it's getting through these problems, sticking by each other and helping each out in times of need that bring love and sincerity to a friendship.
 louise23  09 Jan 2008 14:42
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This is silly, I would lend my best friend whatever he needed and if couldn't pay it back, well that's why we're friends. Obviously you don't want to be lending them money all of the time and money can make some people resentful, but it's too much of a sweeping statement to suggest.

The idea that friendship is pure is ridiculous. Friendship, like all other personal relationships is not an idealistic and fantastical state, it is a real hard work at times and it is dirty, messy, sad, happy and all the good and bad things. Putting friendship on a pedestal is silly, it makes for super high values which means your friends will constantly let you down. Surely true friendship is just about accepting the other person for who they are. If you have money to lend them, lend it, if you don't don't. I would only ever lend money I didn't need back, because then it does not become a problem. If a friend seemed to abuse this, then they wouldn't be much of a friend and then that's an issue of individual friendships and nothing to do with financial transactions themselves.

Love and sincerity are good, but again idealist, some people can be friends, they don't have to have love. Surely friendship should demand fair and equal treatment. If you keep making it idealist, people will disappoint you. Be realistic.

Yes, yes, yes the love of money is the root of all evil, but it's not smart to take a sweeping statement and apply it to all friendships and all people. Yes, people do strange things for money, but they do strange things for love, jealousy, rivalry, positions of power, status, all sorts of things. Money can be bad, but so can food or war, or any number of things. Money isn't the central point of problems, sex causes just as many problems, as does love, so do drugs and alcohol.

Massive sweeping statements that a poorly evidenced don't help answer this question.
 Spartan76  14 Dec 2007 23:38
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A true friend is one who knows your needs. True friends always ready to help things out for you. True friends can spend money for a smile on your face. Money doesn’t have anything to do bad for friends. On contrary to your statement, money can solve many problems of a friend. Here I am only talking about true friends. Selfish friends are not true friends and they should be treated as you said, to be not involved in the money matters.
 cancer11  06 Dec 2007 17:55
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It is a famous proverb that a friend in need is a friend indeed. This thing is pointing towards the fact, that if some of our friends need money, we should help them by supporting them financially. So it is not necessary that true friendship is without money. Money indeed plays a vital role in friendship.
 death  05 Dec 2007 11:04
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Well, if you say so...
 theseeker  27 Nov 2007 16:13
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 Your response seems agree, but you are on the against side, which is quite confusion, can you clarify please?
by  hitomi
 28 Nov 2007 10:10
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