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Those On The Left Who Correctly Pointed Out Bush's Eroding Of Our Basic Freedoms Have Got To Hold Obama Accountable Also.
We have got to stop seeing 'party' only. This is about saving our basic freedoms.
 Bugman  10 May 2010 12:16
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I totally agree. Add clinton to the mix and you have yourself a complete statement WIN!!!
 mysteryem  11 May 2010 13:16
 You could actually add most Presidents starting with Woodrow Wilson but I was merely showing that I do not see 'party' on this issue.
by  Bugman
 11 May 2010 16:13
And I do.
 Grenache  11 May 2010 00:04
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Indeed, even if people tend to or always find themselves closer to one party than another, they should still recognise its faults and errors.
 Quincel  10 May 2010 15:12
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