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There Should Be More Focus On English, Maths And Science In Schools.
The level of grammar, spelling and language use of many of the current younger generation is appalling, their grasp of science is tenuous and I dread to speculate on the mathematical capabilities that they possess. There should be more focus on these skills because they are the foundation for all other knowledge and an ignorance of them is hindering to our development as a species. At the very least, the required level to pass exams should be higher.
 Obsidian  07 Apr 2011 03:45
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Thank you! Schools today, especially in London, are failing so much because they waste their time on unimportant things like Art or Food or P.E! I'm not saying that these subjects are bad but their is too much time being wasted on it! We need more focus on the core subjects-they are what matter the most and they are what will practically drive a good 60% of GCSE's in the UK.
 tohin  05 May 2012 16:03
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They should go back to basic spelling and grammar tests at least once a month for English, then at least the basics should be sorted. I also noticed they make some (in my opinion) ridiculous classes up. In my old school, we had to spend one hour a fortnight on a class called Citizenship and another called Careers, which, in all, amounted to nothing except perhaps help a small minority to create a somewhat acceptable CV. They did not give us an extra qualification or help us adapt to life after school, despite their titles. So instead of creating new classes, why not dedicate that time to either give more lessons on the three major classes or help those already struggling in science or maths?
 MaYbCaKe  09 Apr 2011 10:35
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THIS is why we need to get rid of standardized tests.... They don't test spelling, grammar, and are very narrow as to what math and science is tested. The teachers have to teach to the tests, because the amount of money their school gets depends on the test scores (at least in Ohio). It has caused a plethora of problems with our public education. Also, lack of discipline in the classroom is a reason too. Not much learning can go on when a teacher can't control pupils. There are no real consequences in public schools, and is the main reason I pulled my children from public schools and put them in a private school. Soon public schools will be where the bad kids go, and private and charter schools will be where the behaved kids will go.
 hodver  07 Apr 2011 14:44
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Science is important for day-to-day life:

Physics: Does the car have enough time to break if I start walking in front of it now to cross the road? (Friction and velocity)

Chemistry: Hmmm, I fancy something to eat!

Biology: I can't get pregnant if I have unprotected sex just after my period (I swear, I am not making that one up - that is how my step-daughter came into the world)
 Obsidian  07 Apr 2011 10:49
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Coming straight from school, I agree. Teachers where more interested in PE or your uniform or some other subject you'll never use. In english I was never corrected on my terrible spelling, so in the end I taught myself for the exams. At my school Maths wasn't too bad, but I had the most amazing teacher who was pretty thourgh (see?:sp) with teaching. I wouldn't say science was all the important unless your job involved it, but Maths and English are the most important.
 kitten  07 Apr 2011 09:34
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