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There Should Be A DNA Database
.......... Because there are many unsolved crimes that could be solved practically over night!! The pros would far outweigh the cons. Whilst some would argue that it would be a move towards a police state, I would argue that if you have nothing to hide, you should have nothing to fear! In any case, would you not feel safe in the knowledge that if it didn't work as a deterrent (which it should), criminals that are not deterred would be caught quickly.
 JRCBailey  28 Feb 2008 23:32
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It WOULD eliminate all confusion, yes, as far as identity goes if that were the only consideration it would be a great thing.
 debategal  09 Dec 2009 03:38
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There already is for felons and it would probably be a good idea to have one for the entire population. Just take a fingernail sample whenever a baby is born. No problem.
 ur_wrong  28 Jun 2008 23:59
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This is a civil liberties issue. It is so bad right now how much we are losing at this point in time I cannot support anything else the government will utilize to make us less unique. We are becoming robots to society each year.
 kburke84  30 Dec 2011 12:12
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No. Compulsory DNA databases are ripe for all kinds of abuse. We have seen recently in the UK that governments simply cannot be trusted to ensure data security. The personal information of vast numbers of people was leaked into the public domain. The potential abuses of a DNA profile are manifold.

Insurers could use it to predict the likelihood that you will suffer some medical problem, meaning that, in the end, health insurance would only be available to those who didn't need it; employers could use it in a similar way; it's not far-fetched to think that even racists might put it to some nefarious purpose.

Of course, the DNA database would be controlled by the government but low-paid civil servants are easily corruptible. We have seen in America recently how civil servants accessed the passport files of the American presidential candidates.

There is still debate over whether or not homosexuality has a genetic basis. But let's say that it does, or even has only a partial genetic basis, and that one day becomes clear. You could easily get people being "outed" and subjected to prejudice and discrimination on the basis of their DNA profile.
 Hidell  27 Apr 2008 15:27
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Before DNA, only totalitarian states demanded citizens give fingerprints from non-criminals. Innocent people do not need to be fingerprinted, only those who commit crimes do.

The same goes for DNA. Innocent people don't need their genetic profiles in a database. Only fascists and totalitarians see a need for it.
 K9  26 Apr 2008 19:05
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 The problem is that people are (perceived) innocent, until they commit their first crime. Just look at the murder of Sally Anne Bowman. The murderer, Mark Dixie, was not on the DNA database, yet he (they didn't know who he was at the time) was suspected of committing several sexual crimes previously, but never convicted of them. It was not until a DNA swab was taken after he was involved in a pub fight, that he was finally connected to the murder.

There are many similar cases to this and many unsolved murders that could be solved and murderers that could be taken off the street, if only there was a DNA database.

I fail to see how by implementing such a scheme; a fascist, totalitarian state would emerge. It would be a tool to prevent serious crimes being committed and save lives. How would it encourage and aid suppressive actions by the government, if we already live in a democracy?
by  JRCBailey
 27 Apr 2008 14:46
What, tell them everything about myself for them to file away and only use against me?

How could this benefit the public?

Apart from the risk of it being stolen, it would cost us money to keep information about ourselves that we don't even want!
 Snipex  01 Mar 2008 13:48
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 It would have the benefit of not only using against you (if you did actually commit a crime), but also acquitting you if you did not! In terms of the cost of the scheme; do you really want to put a cost on your own safety and security?
by  JRCBailey
 02 Mar 2008 00:37
To take a quote from the 60's....

"I will not be filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, de-briefed, or numbered. My life is my own."

I have nothing to hide, but this doesn't mean i should submit myself for further unnecessary cataloging.

To think that to travel somewhere you need a passport, to marry you need paper to say you can, we need an insurance number to earn money - I think the world has become far less free than we think, and contributing to an idiotic DNA database, so not only do they have your name, they have your flesh is yet another step to an Orwellian prophecy coming true.
 Damian  29 Feb 2008 03:17
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