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The World Is Too Materialistic
The problem is that people are greedy, selfish and generally intellectually limited Th problem is the world is too materialistic! People have no values anymore Look back at the 1950s people had time for one another. They cared for each other and they valued the meaning of life. These days people are too interested in spending money on designer merchandise and.People are too busy watching TV that they no longer feel the need to sit and have a family meal and chat about daily events.Women getting pregnant and easily solving this problem by abortion. People stabbing each other.
 Rosie  23 Oct 2008 17:47
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Times have changed and you think with modern technology that we'd have time for one another one-on-one and more.
 menhim1967  24 Aug 2009 01:13
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The world is too materialistic. I think this is due to the wide range of media available and the majority of it focusing on celebrity life or fashion. People should think more about what really matters, the people they care for and such than they do about what the latest fashion is. Also TV dulls the mind, which is probably why people seem to be more intellectually limited as you had mentioned. People seem to be obtuse to other's feelings these days too, which is probably why it's extremely rare to find a true friend.
 MaYbCaKe  03 Nov 2008 18:42
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Yea! The world is too materialistic. And it goes back way further than the 1950's! Materialistic veiws are destroying the planet!!!
 SlyOne  25 Oct 2008 04:56
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I think the cause is Celebrities and over payed footballers. The sort of people who are never happy and always are looking outside for the things they can buy, maybe they think that is happiness.
 keepmindok  24 Oct 2008 13:54
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You're right. I blame Thatcher.
 Evileye  24 Oct 2008 13:39
 You mean the British prime minister who tried to make people responsible for their own lives......I don't think so?...:-(
by  keepmindok
 24 Oct 2008 13:50
The world should be materialistic. Thats the driving force behind healthy competition.
 ur_wrong  24 Oct 2008 00:04
 materialistic veiws are destroying the planet!
by  SlyOne
 25 Oct 2008 04:54
I'm good, but thanks for asking.
 Specter87  23 Oct 2008 20:45
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