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The United States Of America Is Not A Democracy, But Rather A Democratic Republic
Look it up. I don't feel like typing it all up for you.
 barakolama  25 Apr 2011 18:09
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It is neither. It never was a democracy. And it was only a democratic republic, at the latest, up to the coup of 1963. Even presidents Wilson and Eisenhower seemed to hint that they weren't really in charge. What we have now, I don't even know the word for. I don't think it's ever existed before. The real people in charge don't care who we elect; because they can somehow control that person, either through leverage or chemical means.
 Ballsalsa  25 Apr 2011 21:30
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All systems of government devolve into oligarchy eventually----just the way it is.....
 charlee  25 Apr 2011 19:12
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