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The U.S.A. Is Faced With The Choice Of Fascism Or Communism This Fall
For the first time in my life, I see no clear cut choice between the Presidential candidates, and may not vote, or may not place a meaningful vote, to avoid endorsing a bad choice. They are both owned and controlled by the the Elites. Going Fascist may be the best way to insure any kind of prosperity, but at what social cost? Obama will keep the welfare state well-funded, but at what fiscal cost?
 grokit  17 Sep 2008 09:59
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I'm against this argument, simply because of how the title is placed out there. Facism or Communism? Really? C'mon. Why does everyone run to extremes like this? I've heard McCain supporters try and drive people into fear by saying "He'll start with Marxism and then move to Communism!" and I've heard Obama supporters say "He'll start with "He doesn't know anything about the economy and he'll end up screwing us in the Iraq War and eventually jack up the U.S. Debt s'more!"

It is possible that one candidate would be best to solve the current issues that are plaguing the U.S., but no one can honestly say that either candidate would be the best fit for the job. I am a Democrat, not to be confused with an Obama supporter, but I will be voting for Obama because I generally agree with Democratic policies instead of Republican policies. That doesn't mean that I think Obama will do a better job than McCain; that just means I think Obama's policies are better. Hell, Obama could get elected and then suck; so could McCain.

And this whole "I don't want to vote because I'm afraid I will endorse a bad choice!" is a bunch of bull. All you can do is throw your cards in with the person you think is the best choice at the time and hopefully you come out on top. If you vote for McCain and he sucks, well then you just have to live with that; the same goes for Obama. If I vote for Obama and he turns out to be full of it, well I made my bed, and now I have to sleep in it. What bugs me is the people who don't vote and then complain about the person in office...if you don't honestly cast your vote, don't complain about the situation of the U.S.
 Damien  17 Sep 2008 14:04
 But how else can I legitimately complain when things go spectacularly wrong?
by  grokit
 17 Sep 2008 20:26
The candidates are clearly distinct, one being a right-wing maverick and the other a highly liberal politician. However this must all be taken in context, US politics is highly centralised/centre-right. Here in the UK Obama is hardly left of the conservatives and the NHS is supported by all major parties.
 Quincel  17 Sep 2008 11:54
 I find it interesting that people call McCain a "maverick." I think McCain does conform to Republican right-wing policies, hence he cannot possibly be a maverick. There was once a time where McCain had more Independent and Democratic voters in his pocket because his policies were closer to the middle than to the right, but all that has changed in the past few years. I would not consider him a maverick now; its just a flashy title.
by  Damien
 17 Sep 2008 13:52
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