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The Romantic Naturalist Believes A Utopian Fantasy
The romantic naturalist believes that matter and energy are all there is. He also believes that deep down man is good and perfect. He believes that society and its institutions corrupt this perfection and that is why bad things happen. If man could just get back to his true natural self, all would be fine. This Utopian fantasy denies the true definition of man's nature and again reality will bump into the romantic naturalist quite harshly.
 charlee  23 May 2008 18:04
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First, i am not completely clear what a Romantic Naturalist is. Would this be a Thoreau type philosophy, or like a Unitarian sort of view?

Second, we all think that if only people were the way we think they should be, or if only society existed as i believe, or if only everyone were to follow this code etc. The world would be a Utopia. We are all very egocentric in this. It is normal for us to work toward our particular goal. The problem is they are constantly in conflict with each other. They need to incorporate the nature of man, and that is not so simple. The nature of man is dynamic, it varies from man to man, from society to society, from moment to moment.
 innomen  23 May 2008 18:31
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 1. I was thinking more the Thoreau type, here. Sorry, if I didn't make it clear enough.

2. Not quite sure how to respond, but I would agree about the egocentricity, self-centeredness, selfishness, all those adjectives that so aptly apply to our natures. Regarding our natures--heredity, environment and free will certainly vary widely, but I also believe there is great similarity of our natures at our core (the soul level).
3. For me, it seems it is enough to try to do the right thing (and I fail often) with one situation at a time with one person at a time.
by  charlee
 23 May 2008 18:43
Though we could have been perfect, we can no longer rid ourselves of the influence of society. In theory, I think it could work, but is it possible, no.
 Custommade  23 May 2008 18:06
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 As appealing as any utopian dream is, getting back to our "natural" selves is the most enticing, and there is some truth to the notion. However, I believe it is mistaken in how it defines man's nature. Unfortunately, the evidence suggests man is both a most noble, heroic and good creature, but also very capable of doing bad things---with or without society around him.
by  charlee
 23 May 2008 18:33
Any person who has a mind and uses it beneficially for his own furtherance of Utopian Agenda READ: Justice, Truth, Freedom,
is truly a wise man or woman.

Call it fantasy if you want to, but at the end of the day, the imaginations of today are the realities of tomorrow: No matter who said this, it is the Possibilities which inspire people to rise above the primordial-slime of the morass of Ignorance and Darkness and Hatred which afflicts the entire Human Condition, and brings the entire Human Race down to the pit of despair: That state in which the Human Race quits trying to better itself.


Okay...........;-) But a rose by any other name would still smell just as sweet, now wouldn't it?

"Maybe the dreams of Yesterday didn't work out, but they were good dreams, and I'm glad I had them" .(quote Clint Eastwood, in the movie: "The Bridges Of Madison County")
 Scorpion  11 Sep 2008 03:52
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