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The Longer The Nomination Battle Lasts, The More The Democratic Party Is Damaged In The General Election.
The Democratic Party will have to attempt to reunify the longer the battle lasts. And so although both Candidates certainly have the right to continue campaigning, the longer they persist the more the Party's General Election Prospects are damaged.
 donphilipe  05 Mar 2008 09:53
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Of course. The more people find out about democrats, the more they discover how awful they are.
 krissara  10 May 2008 00:45
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Yes, the longer this is dragged out, the more the party is damaged. I support the Democratic party 100%, but enough with all the infighting already! Every spat they have only increases the chances of McCain winning in November, but no, they keep fighting and fighting. See the Republicans may have small disagreements, but when push comes to shove they'll chose their candidate and back him up.

The longer Democrats drag this out (and it's getting pretty ugly too), the more BOTH candidates are damaged, and whoever is eventually chosen as the nominee will be hurt by the ugliness of the primaries. Both campaigns have already started going negative, and this is just giving fodder to the Republicans for the general election.

And if we don't have a nominee by the convention, then it will get very nasty in Denver. There may be walk-outs, refusals to recognize the nominee...it would just be plain horrible. One of them - and although I support her- probably Hillary, has to compromise for the good of the party and maybe try for VP. Although I feel Hillary/Obama would be a better ticket, Obama supporters wouldn't agree to it. So the best ticket would be Obama/Hillary. Although by the end of this, there'll be so much resentment between the two camps, I'm not sure if it'll be possible. Here's to hoping the Democratic Party patches itself up before the Convention and beats McCain in November.
 SandraO  24 Mar 2008 18:35
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The democrats always find a way to screw up a good thing don't they. When I was younger I though republicans were very stuffy educated rich people, now that i know who their competition is they don't seem so slick. Your own party messed this up so don't point fingers at anyone but the DNC.
 openurmind  10 Mar 2008 21:36
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There's no avoiding it. Although either candidate would be an historical candidate.The nature of the process is that one will eventually lose. And the longer this Nomination Battle lasts the more each Candidate's supporters will feel resentful of the other candidate,Especially if one or both of the candidates go negative.
 donphilipe  05 Mar 2008 09:55
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Why! Cause sexist still live in a world of some type of sexism, but we will prevail the public has spoken and they want Hillary to stay and she is going to stay like the great American.She is how do you like them apples bite one they are nice and sweet.
 nelson12  06 Mar 2008 00:22
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 I have a question for you. There are over 300 million people in the US, granted some of them are under 35 but still, how is it that the most qualified person for the position of president just happens to be the wife of an ex-president... the odds are not good, something else is at work here and it stinks.
by  openurmind
 10 Mar 2008 21:40
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