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Television Is A Boon For Children
Children should not watch television all the time
 sankalp  05 Mar 2011 00:41
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It's being such an easy way to receive new informations, and also giving a chance to make a similar interest with friends.
 goodjay  05 Aug 2011 07:45
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Thats true maybe only a little bit maybe for about 1 or 2 hours a day
 muslim98  07 Mar 2011 00:03
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First, the debate heading says "boon", which would be a good thing, while the subheading says the opposite. That makes it tricky for responders to know which side to post their reply. It's better if you're consistent and make the subheading serve as evidence supporting the overall heading. I interpret this side to be for defense of TV in general so I'll post here.

Second, evaluating TV as an all or nothing exercise proves nothing. Putting all your time into anything is bad - whether it's eating all the time, playing videogames all the time, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, etc. If you take the excess away then TV can still be useful and educational. It's a tool like anything else, what you do with it makes all the difference.

Third, we've had over half a century of television and although some people may take it too far the vast majority of people still live normal lives despite TVs presence. And frankly your indict of TV would be true for the majority of other electronic communications devices too - cell phones, computers, the internet, etc. Unless you're going to be a Luddite and reject all modern technologies you instead should embrace what is good about them. In some ways TV is a boon. An untold number of times it has helped parents who needed to distract their kids while they were busy trying to make supper. Untold times it presented teachable moments between parents and kids. Untold times it taught societal values.
 GrandCru  05 Mar 2011 02:40
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At least the internet has some interaction. Just sitting there gawking at the tv is unhealthy. All the work is done for you already. Non stimulating.
 Aetherium  06 Mar 2011 11:25
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I'm Sankalp Varshney and I'm against the motion television is a boon for children because if we watch T.V our parents will scold us and we will not get time to work our eyes will get weak and yes it gives us knoweledge but everyday watching T.V is not right
 sankalp  05 Mar 2011 00:46
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