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Teachers Should Have To Wear School Uniform
If we have to then why shouldn't they?
 roflailer  16 Dec 2012 16:22
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I think that teachers should also wear a school uniform, maybe different to what the students weear, but still, a unifomr. This way, there will also be less financial discrepancies between teachers.
 smileypie  31 Dec 2012 01:23
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I believe that they shouldn't wear a uniform that matches everyone else but they should wear something that looks very formal.
 oathenox  17 Dec 2012 15:51
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No. Shut up.
 roflailer  12 Jan 2017 09:33
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Teachers are above us, and demand our constant respect and admiration. They can only get this by dressing impressively. #dresstoimpress
 Cursive27  21 Jan 2014 19:05
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Because they are not being bullied for what they wear kids are. That is the point of school uniforms.
 trexfire  16 Dec 2012 17:56
 thats not the reason for school uniforms. Its to make the school look "more formal" and also in junior schools incase a student gets lost on a school trip people can call their school and return them
by  roflailer
 17 Dec 2012 11:06
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