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Spotlighting Historic Buildings At Night Should Be Severely Curtailed
No one could reasonably complain about Christmas lights, but spotlighting historic buildings at night attracts moths. It is all very well for men in polyester suits to come up with these ideas, but some folk insist on natural fibres
 damselfly  06 Jun 2010 18:36
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The moths have enough artificial light via light pollution (24 hour entertainment hubs like in Las Vegas). We need to dim the earth a bit and save all the cashmeres and natural fibres out there..:)
 wildorchid  08 Jun 2010 13:03
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I agree but my sole reason would be to save energy.
 ayudel  07 Jun 2010 09:43
 you wouldn't say that if your really expensive natural fibre curtains had been chewed by moths. Ditto your cashmere sweaters...
by  damselfly
 07 Jun 2010 17:10
I think they should cut back just to save electricity
 shogduke  07 Jun 2010 05:32
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I think they should bring the crank back to prisons and make prison inmates work to fill giant batteries. How about that for a surreal idea!
 obi  26 Feb 2011 02:55
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