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Sports That Require Judges For Points Should Not Be Allowed In The Olympics.
To me, this is too subjective. Sports in the Olympics should be a race against time or direct competition not judges. As usual I am not suprised to see Canadians getting higher scores in some of the judge based sports in these Winter Olympics. Its too subjective and its unfair for those who trained for 4 years only to be beat out by a judges subjective votes in a host country.
 moreno  15 Feb 2010 11:27
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Judged "events" are not sports. In real sports, referees and judges facilitate play, they do not decide who wins. Even sports with questionable and very subjective officiating (e.g. Boxing, weightlifting, wrestling, etc.) have more validity than nonsense like figure skating.

The winners in long jump and high jump, in track and field, are decided solely by distance or height, not how graceful they look doing it. Ski jumping should also be measured solely by distance, yet a person could jump a shorter distance but win by using a "telemark landing" while the longest jumper does a faceplant.

The same goes for any other sport: Winning should be based on measurement (height, length, weight, time, etc.) or scoring within a fixed set of rules (hockey, basketball, football/soccer, pentathlon). I have no patience for anything where politicking and rigging wins is normal; in football/soccer, biased officiating is scandalous (e.g. Byron Moreno - Italy v South Korea).
 K9  16 Feb 2010 07:04
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 That was not so bad though as it was the Italians that lost. You are right though that was as blatant a match fixing as it gets.
by  StBalders
 17 Feb 2010 17:08
I have to agree. If the sport cannot be determined, at least potentially, without the need for judges then it isn't a proper sport. Diving, dressage ( what the f is that?), synchonised swimming, gymnastics - all not sports. Ice dancing??? The clues in the title - it's Dancing. All fine if that is what you like but they are never sports. Moreno is right also that it comes down to subjective opinion then it is wide open to fixing.
 StBalders  15 Feb 2010 19:08
 Balders, did you just agree with Moreno? The gods have come together. Now, I am all confused.
by  artemis
 15 Feb 2010 19:16
- All sports need judging of some kind, you can have a biased or subjective referee in soccer or hockey.
- Measures are in place to prevent bias from judges (eg. During the winter Olympics there are 5/6 scoring judges for some sports all from different nations. The highest and lowest given scores are ignored and the average of the middle 3/4 results is taken.
 youbube  11 Mar 2014 05:32
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No. Where would the dilligence in perfecting techniques go? Judges are there to make sure that the athletes perform the spins or jumps or whatever techniques they do, well. If it were simply a matter of seeing who had the fastest time, all that they athletes would be doing is racing down the hill as fast as they can, without any regard to the other matters of performance. The judges mark using the rules of the sport as guidelines, not solely their own personal opinions. There many be some subjectivity in the judges' marks, but this is the Olympics, they're not going to hire judges off the street, these are trained professionals who know what to look for.
 _opponent_  18 Feb 2010 03:31
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 but the judges are human which means they can be biased in their decision. This has happened before. A clock is not biased. A ruler is not biased. The end of a game clock is not biased. Judges are human therefor they will be biased and will react to the cheers and boos of the crowed.
by  moreno
 18 Feb 2010 04:17
The criteria for judging most sports are so meticulous it can hardly be called subjective. Besides there are some great physically demanding sports that would be eliminated and surely missed if this idea was put to action. I think you are just crying because an athlete from your nation didn't get a medal which you subjectively disagree with.
 verum  16 Feb 2010 22:36
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  Moguls. Spectacular sport. A sport combining measurement and judgment to determine the winner.
by  verum
 17 Feb 2010 23:41
I see your point but I'd really miss figure skating and gymnastics and even some of the jump and spin events in snowboarding, skiing, etc.
 Grenache  15 Feb 2010 13:33
 You just like to see the girls in skimpy clothes.
by  moreno
 15 Feb 2010 13:34
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