New Debates in Sports
Do You Think That Donald Sterling Should Be Banned For Life Due To Comments He Made?
I believe that is wrong to punish him for comments made in his own home. Should he be pubished What do u think? read more...
Bayern Are Better Than Dortmund
I dont know which is better?
Fight Clubs Should Be Legal.
Why should anyone get involved in the business of others who choose to go in and fight, as long as it's not "to the death"? It's their choice. read more...
Should Diving( The Sport Of Jumping Into The Water) Be A Kind Of Sport?
I am not sure, that jumpig into the water should be rated somehow. read more...
Are The Olympics A Waste Of Money?
I am preparing for a school debate. I am on the Negative side. I think that the Olympics are NOT a waste of money. read more...
All Debates in Sports
I Think The Mlb Should Allow Steroids Use
They just should
Barry Bonds Should Have The Home Run Record
Roid user he should not keep the rec
Roger Clemens Use Steroids
Heck yea look at his eyes in his interviews read more...
The Patriots Will Win The Super Bowl!
I think the Patriots will win the Super Bowl because the have a more experienced team.... read more...
Professional Sports Figures Make Too Much Money
Many professional sports figures make millions of dollars each year. They really do not work, so they should make the same amount or less than a normal person who goes to a real job on a daily basis. read more...
Brazil Has The Best Soccer Team In History
Brazil has won several World Cups in soccer. Therefore, they have the best soccer team in the history of the sport. read more...
Extracurricular Activities Should Not Be Compulsory At School.
Pls help me out guys !!! Wat do you think?? read more...
Athletes Should Not Be Forced To Sign No Criticism Contracts
According to Daily mail, "British Olympic chiefs are to force athletes to sign a contract promising not to speak out about China's appalling human rights record..." for more details, please go here read more...
Sport Is Good For You
I believe that sport is good for the fitness and well being of children and adults. P.S. I submitted this because i am 12 and i recently have had this debate at school. read more...
Professional Sports Today To Us Are What The Collesium Was To Rome
In the time of the Roman Empire the leaders were looking for ways to keep the publics mind off of the problems of the empire like its crumbling government and the raids from barbarians. I believe that... read more...
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