New Debates in Sports
Skateboarding Misconceptions Are Not A Good Reflection Of The Skateboarding Subculture
Just because some skateboarders are bad at school, drink and smoke a lot, and destroy property doesn't mean that these things define skateboarding and its subculture. These things should not be linked... read more...
Ryan Lochte Should Be Stripped Of His Olympic Medals
He completely disgraced the USA with his outrageous lies and accusations. Furthermore, even his half-hearted apology sucked (he was sooooo drunk and couldn't remember exactly what happened). Funny, he... read more...
GB's Medal Haul Leaves Them In Second Place Behind The USA
Fantastic result for the UK !!!
The Olympic Games Is Awesome!
Who will win the most medals :-) ?
Russia Escape A Total Rio Olympics Ban!
This is after Russia's doping scandal!
All Debates in Sports
Jose Mourinho Should Be The Next England Manager
Jose Mourinho Is The Best Manager In The World And Should Be Offered The England Managers Job! read more...
College Athletes Should Not Get Paid.
It Does Not Make Sense For Colleges To Pay The Student-athletes To Participate In These Football Or Basketball Matches Because Student-athletes' College Educational Experience Should Be More Than Just... read more...
Gymnasts That Participate In The Olympics Must Be Older Than 16.
Young gymnasts are not mentally and physically mature to compete in a high level. read more...
Real Madrid Is The Best Football Team In The World!
With or without Becks, Ronaldo or Zidane they are still the very best! read more...
We Should Not Allow Performance Enhancing Drugs In Sports
I think the spirits of doing sports is to stay healthy and fit, but the drugs will ruin the spirits! read more...
The England Football Manager Should Be English!
We've had a Swede, then we had a Turnip, now we've got an Italian, has the FA got so little respect for English managers that it keeps looking abroad. The England Manager should be English! read more...
Football Is An Overrated Sport. There Should Be Limits To How Much Footballers Can Be Paid. Less Time Should Be Given To It And Other Sports On The Television
Footballers are grossly overpaid for what seems to be very little real work. read more...
Footballers Are Paid Ridiculous Amounts Of Money
Footballers get paid more than paramedics. Right or wrong? read more...
Football Has Become More Of A Business And Isn't So Much Of A Sport Any More
Football that we see on TV is all about the money these days, not so much about taking part etc. What do you think? read more...
Sports Personalities Who Are Accused Of Rowdy Behaviour Should Be Penalised By Their Clubs.
They be dealt with more severely as role models. read more...
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