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Solid Colours Look Better Than Polka-Dots,Florals,Stripes, Or Plaids
Solid colours are easier to like, and to live with, less busy, gaudy, and pretentious.
 Scorpion  17 Aug 2008 18:05
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A pure expanse of one unadulterated colour, artistically-speaking, is easier to absorb and to comprehend, than a myriad of unrelated, un-cohesive parts: Too many colours spoil the broth, so to speak ;-)
 sylverwyld  07 Nov 2008 18:49
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Not only do prints provide a way to add some variety to one's wardrobe, they also serve to distract away from problem areas in some cases. For example a woman with wide hips, but a nicely proportioned upper body may want to wear a print top and accentuate the positive part of her figure. She could pair it with a dark color solid bottom and people looking at her will automatically be drawn to the print as opposed to the bottom, where she is trying to minimize attention.
 my2cents2u  07 Feb 2009 01:06
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There is room for all kinds of solids and prints. If you know how to use them, they look fabulous. A world without prints, like a world without the sun coming through the leaves on an oak tree and making nature's patterns on the lawn, would be like it is forever night time.
 tinseldove  07 Feb 2009 00:46
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If you know how to wear the stripes. And you aren't mixing too many prints, its fine. Of course not everyone's wardrobe is patterns, but a few don't hurt!
 planner01  03 Nov 2008 00:32
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I like stripes and polka-dots on women. Very feminine and sexy.
 keepmindok  26 Oct 2008 05:04
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I guess you don't like looking at the American flag
 Calvin  18 Aug 2008 01:26
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 ;-) untrue.
flags just do not look right on human bodies is all ;-)
by  Scorpion
 03 Sep 2008 18:01
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