New Debates in Society
Find & Book A Pandit Online For New Home Pooja | Wedlistings
Wedlistings enlists some of the best pandits and priests in the city, whom you can easily book online. For online registration visit our website, pick a pandit from the listing, and confirm your booking.... read more...
Should My Aunt Consult The Voyance Direct To Get Rid Off Her Problems?
My aunt is going through the problem of stress and depression in her life because of the death of my uncle. It's been 1 year of my uncle's death, still my aunt is not able to come out of that depression... read more...
Some Things Never Change
Even on Thanksgiving AR has no life. He still found time to come to a dead website and repeat himself over and over. His wife must truly be gone. ROFL LMFAO LOL read more...
Why Are We Allowing Ourselves To Be Controlled?
Many of you are also supporting control. Trust me, that's not good on many levels. I believe strongly, that we all should be allowed to believe whatever we want, and be free to say what we want without... read more...
The Transgender And Feminist Movements Are Contradictory
Feminism holds that gender roles (which is defined by the cultural/social roles of the sexes) are evil while the transgender movement holds that people should be able to choose another gender because they... read more...
All Debates in Society
Abortion Should Be Banned.
Abortion is not acceptable under any circumstance because it kills life. Any life is innocent and we should keep them ongoing. read more...
Immigration Is A Good Thing For America
Accepting more immigrants helps to improve the diversity of American culture, economic development and social security. read more...
We Should Have Only ONE Religion.
Religion has always been the reason of war, fighting or killing. If everyone had the same religion belief, the world would be more peaceful. read more...
Gay Marriage Should Be Legal.
Gay marriage should be legal in every state and every country. People are born as a gay but not choose to be. We should not discriminate them and should give them the same rights to be happy. read more...
Death Penalty Is Necessary.
We Need Death Penalty To Punish Those Most Heinous And Ruthless Murders And Give Fear To Those Who Attempt To Act Those Merciless Crimes.For More Information About Death Penalty, Please Read here read more...
Christmas Is Wrong!
The Celebration Of Christmas Has Lost Its Meaning. Christmas Was About Helping Others, Peace And Harmony, But Now It's Just Shopping Like Crazy And Eating And Drinking Too Much. What's Your Opinion? read more...
Suicide Is Wrong.
Suicide is very wrong, people should not give not give up their lives under any circumstances. read more...
Making People Read Bible Is Kind Of Brainwash.
To make more people know about Jesus, Bible has been translated into different languages each year. Some NGO or religist group go to developing countries and give them aid, and in exchange asking them... read more...
Suicide Should Not Be A Criminal Offense.
This Is NOT A Debate As To Whether Suicide Is Morally Right/ Wrong; It Is About The Classification Of Suicide As A Criminal Offense. Suicide Has Been Illegal In Many Western Countries. But With The Increasing... read more...
The Working Class Does Not Have Time For Existential Crises
I have noticed that middle class friends of mine seem to spend a lot of time questioning their own existence, their place in the world, their function, etc etc, my working class friends do not seem to... read more...
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