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Smokers Are Cool
Otherwise you could have smoking and non smoking bars and informed adults could make their own decisions. The only reason it’s necessary to institute a smoking ban everywhere is because wherever the smokers are, is the cool spot, and all the non smokers want to be there.
 finsch  26 Sep 2008 19:24
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Even though their life is on the line, it's alright to take a drag every now and again. But I can't stand nonstop smokers. It's disgusting!
And hooka, I heard that stuff is pretty great!
 imright20  01 Mar 2010 01:08
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I completely agree.

I don't think many people bothered to read you're response though.
But yes, if people don't want to be around smoke they don't have to be. It's that simple.
 Kirsty08  27 Sep 2008 14:40
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It’s sarcasm. The point is that if consenting adults want to have, for example, a cigar bar why not? It is an institution purely for the smoker. There is no reason for a non-smoker to be there to have their precious lung health jeopardized. Yet smoking bans are being enacted on these places as well. The only reasons I can think of are over reaching self righteous busybodydom or you all just can’t stand to be separated from us for even one night. Which, I have to tell you, really gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.
 finsch  27 Sep 2008 14:06
 You can take your cigar and shove it up your ass.

There are places that I can't take food into (tranist buses etc) and I love food probably ten times as much as yopu love cigars, and yet you don't see me whining like a little b itch about it like you smokers do. It's called consideration for others; you may want to try it some time.
by  dlmiller82
 08 Dec 2009 09:42
When smokers drop dead from cancer their bodies drop to room temperature and depending on the ambient air temperature that might actually be rather cool. But that's it. They're not socially cool.
 Grenache  26 Sep 2008 19:43
 I thought it was funny until I realized it's a joke about people's life.
by  Stranger
 26 Sep 2008 19:50
Smokers are just guaranteeing a early unpleasant death
 shogduke  12 Jun 2010 06:29
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Smoking damages everything and smokers are childish because they think that their life is cool but they are only hurting themselves and others!
 megalon6  25 Mar 2010 11:29
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Smokers r pathetic. Half the people only smoke to b cool and I'm not aiming the pathetic thing towards people who smoke and don't want to b cool
 naz  22 Oct 2008 19:14
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I admire the skillful deploy of thickly veiled contempt;-)
However, I am utterly repulsed by smokers and their habit of smoking, so even though the smokers have A REALLY COOL ADVOCATE in you, Finsch, I still refrain from agreement.

Nice try, but ultimately, no cigar;-)

(yes, pun intended;-)
 Scorpion  30 Sep 2008 05:44
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 But if there was a place specifically for adult smokers, why should that be against the law?
by  finsch
 30 Sep 2008 06:22
Ouch, such sarcasm it makes me laugh. Certainly smokers may seem, as you put it, "cool" to many individuals, but in reality, no, they are not. They're either under exceeding stress that they have to release the pressure by harming their lungs, or they're simply trying to look, as you said, "cool." And no, I don't want to be in the "smoking spot," because I hate the smell of it and we have already enough air pollution over here.
 mianastra  30 Sep 2008 05:40
 I know you don't. But the point is the smoking bans are all encompassing. Why should it be illegal to smoke in a tobacco shop? Why should it be illegal to smoke at a cigar bar? There is no reason to be in these places unless you are a smoker, or can’t stand to be away from smokers.
by  finsch
 30 Sep 2008 06:22
Sure, because it's cool to smoke a "death stick!" It's cool to die early and have health problems. In fact that's so cool, I'll start right now! LOL
 Tromanator  29 Sep 2008 09:11
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I don't even know what cool is. Come on, look at me. I've done some research on "cool" however. Cool means you can get jukeboxs to start working by striking them violently. Usually with an elbow.
 Specter87  26 Sep 2008 21:09
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Smokers are buttheads.

Immolation (look it up if you don't know it) should be legalized when smokers light up in the presence of non-smokers who don't want to breathe it.

Unfortunately, the danger of legalized immolation is the non-smoker throwing the flammable liquid might be hurt if the flame goes back to the liquid's source.
 K9  26 Sep 2008 19:52
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Not for smoking. Isn't that the technique to get people hooked? If you want to be cool, smoke.
 Stranger  26 Sep 2008 19:48
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