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Should The Government Help Out The Homeless? And How?
Homeless people need just as much help as anyone else does. If you believe that the homeless should be helped, add a why and in which way (prevention, decreasing housing costs, temporary housing ect.) If you disagree, also add an why and what should the government do with the homeless.
 monshka  10 May 2011 01:03
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Yes... Because i said so
the government can offer job training and shelters to people with nowhere to go and no income
 MC_Common  05 Dec 2012 13:02
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 Also, the government benefits from this. when homeless people join the workforce, the government gets income tax, and when they get a house, the government gets property taxes
by  MC_Common
 05 Dec 2012 13:03
Yes please
 ColinG  02 May 2012 13:25
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People at against helping homeless have no heart, we are all humans if they are homeless then we all should be homeless if you think that you should not help out then you are not a human, humans have suppose to look after one another homeless or no homeless, poor or rich but that proves that humans are beyond are not willing to help anyone but themselves and be selfish all the time.

People in the against you try living homeless you would not be saying that when other people are not helping you.
 Melissa23  08 Jul 2011 01:03
 that's ridiculous. If you didn't have a heart blood wouldn't pump around your body so if you didn't want to die you'd have to do cartwheels non stop, 24/7, and sleep on a bed that went right round, and you'd never get any rest at all. A person who hasn't got a heart is way worse off than a person without a home
by  damselfly
 08 Jul 2011 03:45
We are ALL one good tornado or flood away from homelessness ourselves.
Show some impathy.
 debategal  10 May 2011 04:57
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The government should not help ANYONE in a private life, be they homeless or just unemployed. It is the homeless person's responsibility to A) not become homeless or B) get a job.
 hasdass  10 May 2011 09:23
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 It is not that easy in Scotland too many jobs are being lost and house pricing is going up were nobody can afford a big fancy private house

or a shelter under there head.
by  Melissa23
 08 Jul 2011 03:09
The government does do stuff to help the homeless
 Evidence  10 May 2011 08:45
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No we should only help those who help themselves.
 redmaster  10 May 2011 06:56
 But what if they cannot help themselves are you saying because they don't you will just walk about and not feel any pity for the person who is sleeping on a bench with papers covering him/her to keep him/her warm.

i think this is sick, humans should be looking after one another not being sad and saying no and using there appearance as a argument point to not help them.
by  Melissa23
 08 Jul 2011 03:14
No they should not, as the homeless should take the initiative and by a house for themselves.
 proby96  10 May 2011 01:08
 The problem with that is people often forget that homeless have no money. And the stereotype that homeless are either drunken bastards or addicted to drugs doesn't really help their case. You also have to remember that about 25% of the homeless population is comprised of youths.
by  monshka
 10 May 2011 01:20
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