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People Should Just Walk To Work
Do you thank that people that can walk to work should?
 bobbyjm  30 Jan 2008 23:07
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Yes definently!
It would save the environment immensely and save alot of money that cars take to run aka gas money, oil changes, etc.
It would also give us the essential exercise people need in a day.
 anna05  07 Sep 2009 03:47
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Yes! I walk to school and to work and I feel great doing it. Incentives should be given to walkers, and disincentives to those who drive. Why do we keep adding highway lanes if we know that what they are doing is simply adding more traffic. Public transportation has to be expanded, and entrepreneurs are silly for not seeing the huge markets in transportation!
 joredia93  30 Apr 2009 23:10
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Yes, there are a lot of reasons why people should walk to work if they're close enough to do so. First, there's the whole "Global Warming" issue; Also, it would cut down the amount of money spent on gas; It would help people keep in shape; Ummm.. I forgot where i was going with this... But use your imagination..
 SlyOne  28 Oct 2008 02:06
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If god is given us legs. Why should we use vehicles?
 abdul  24 Aug 2008 14:24
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 Well if god doesn't exist and the worlds about survival. Why shouldn't i use something that will protect me and allow me to succeed past my opponents.
by  Smito
 24 Aug 2008 14:27
Yes they definitely should, it would help battle global warming and give them exercise.
 gogo303ng  06 Jun 2008 11:57
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They should. Especially with gas prices so high. If not walk, bike. Even car-pooling would be better.
 Maggie1  26 May 2008 20:58
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If you live in a city there is no reason not to unless you have to walk through a really really bad town
 Satchel  24 May 2008 01:13
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You are right
 dontpushme  18 May 2008 18:44
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Yes because its more exercise and a lot less people would be overweight, it would also prevent the greenhouse effect a lot more than now.
 markrjg  06 May 2008 20:59
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This would be great if more people lived closer to where they work. I live approx. 20 miles from my job, so walking is not an option. However, the people that do live closer to their jobs, should indeed walk. It saves a lot of money and puts less money into these money grubbing Republicans hands. If everyone could walk to work, I think that they should and forget about buying gas. Maybe than the government would take steps to bring the gas prices down.

Walking to work would also make people more healthy. They would get their exercise twice a day, which is double what most people are getting now. We would have to worry less about obesity and heart conditions. It is a great solution but not very likely to happen.
 curious  29 Apr 2008 13:35
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I'm kinda inbetween, if their work is close sure, but sometimes something could happen that is bad, so it all just depends
 Potterpal7  01 Mar 2008 04:43
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They should it would save them money that or if carpool.
 hiddensc  05 Feb 2008 16:33
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Walking is a healthy activity that is advised by the doctors. It is probably the easiest exercise that one can follow. Walking and running are two physical activities that do not require any fitness equipment or specified tools.

Walking to office will keep one healthy and fit even in today’s busy life. These life styles of sitting around all day lead to health issues and laziness all day long. A little walk to the office will keep one active all day and incorporate little physical activity in an otherwise couch potato routine. But walking to office is only possible for people who live at shorter distances. Secondly, this will always remain a personal choice and can not be made a compulsion.
 Twilight  31 Jan 2008 17:12
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They SHOULD walk to work, but that doesn't mean they have to. If our communities constructed offices and other working environments closer to homes, along with sidewalks and walking paths to get there, then we would see an increase in people who walk to work. But in our current world, it isn't well promoted.
A possible way to promote walking to work would be if businesses gave small raises to the employees who walked, but it'd be hard to convince the businesses to participate.
 TyWhyHiTy  30 Jan 2008 23:41
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Depends but I like it with the luxury of aircon and shade and shelter and warmth
 ryanrjlim  01 Feb 2012 07:21
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No they shouldn't what if your job is a hour away
 Shayla453  21 Apr 2009 00:02
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Most don't live within walking distance. I'm also not walking during the winter season.
 Specter87  31 Oct 2008 00:26
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If you want to walk to work that is great, just don't force it upon me.
 Good1212  31 Oct 2008 00:24
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They should if they live walking distance from there work
 tunainabun  22 Sep 2008 20:02
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I work 15 miles from where I need to live. Even on my fittest days, it's a long walk. I can't afford a house where I work as it's nearer the city, my family all stay local to me.
If I was any kinda decent human being, I would get out my bed at 3 in the morning for a dayshift and walk to work. Shame on me.
 2free  22 Sep 2008 00:35
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If they want to then fine, but they shouldn't feel obligated to for environmental reasons. (i don't know if this debate was about pollution or gas prices)
 ur_wrong  22 Sep 2008 00:20
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Bicycing is probably the best for close jobs. It doesn't use gas and it doesn't tire you out if you have to run in a hurry. But cars use gas but don't ever tire you out. So cars are more economy and human friendly. While bycycles are more earth friendly. Without a earth we don't have a use for cars so i vote for bycycles.
 Smito  24 Aug 2008 14:30
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What about the people that work 20 miles away from there homes? I know a lot of teachers that my mom works with that live 20+miles from work. The ones that live close to walk to work. Also my dad works 200miles+ away from home should he walk and carry all his things that he needs for 2 weeks. Also if it is cold or snowing raining a person shouldn't walk to work.

It seems like a good thing and it could be for the ones that live close to work and when the weather is right but I don't think everyone should or would in that case.
 LME  11 Jun 2008 20:51
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